Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Service Boot Camp: Your Real Mission - Follow the Spirit

Letter From Basic: Day 3

Service Boot Camp started today with a little bit of this...

...and a little bit of our neighbors driveway...

...and ended with a lot of this.

We managed to serve a neighbor before most of us had even had our breakfast.

That's life in the service, I guess.

Guy was so pleased to help shovel and remove snow from our neighbor's truck.
He loves that kind of stuff.
I was proud of him for going at it with gusto.

The part that I didn't like was that all my neighbors saw me with absolutely no make-up on.
Why should I care?
Pride and vanity, mostly.

But there's no room for that sissy stuff in "the service"!

Had I gone inside to get all ready for the day and then come back out to shovel,
I would have missed my opportunity to help.
My neighbor would have had to do it himself
before going to his doctor's appointment today.
And that just wouldn't do!

Day 3: So far...Seeing firsthand that some opportunities to serve expire very quickly.
We might have only seconds to decide whether or not to act on a prompting.

Also, a note to my fellow recruits:
I am not providing you with specific daily tasks to do at Boot Camp.

I might talk like I'm your Drill Sergeant, but that's just me being...well, me.

However, YOU must get your marching orders
directly from Central Command...
and your field directions directly from the Spirit.

Day 3 is not yet over, not by a long shot.
Still need to run errands and check in on some friends.
I have a feeling that more adventures await us.


  1. still In...AND thanx for posting early. The furnace had been inadvertently turned off yesterday and it was cold this morning so I was still snuggling with the dog for warmth. The phone rings. I considered not answering but had the nudge to get the lead out. A friend's child needed to be picked up from school, ill and the friend had no car.

    Nudges are good.

  2. what a good influence you are...right now i'm recuperating from a fall so not doing much service except for cooking for hubby-but he took me out to dinner tonight so I let him serve me.

  3. This is just what I need to combat my February blues. What happened to your donate button? I want to order cookies and pay you today.