Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Service Boot Camp: Flowers in Winter

Day 24: When a person needs to be served, "Call me if you need anything," is just about the last thing that they want to hear...but sometimes it's all we can think to say in the moment.

It's like when someone wants to give you a present and they ask you to tell them what to get you. It's convenient for the giver, but you'd probably prefer for the giver to tend to the details of figuring out how or what to give...and how or what to do in order to serve you.

With this in mind, I have been thinking a lot about a particular person (and their family) who is going through a difficult time right now. I have also been listening to what others have said this person likes. I have heard multiple people say, "She loves flowers."

Now there aren't a lot of flowers around these days, being that it's winter, so I decided that one thing we could do is make some tissue paper flowers with the kids to help brighten up my friend's surroundings.

When I brought them to her, I knew immediately that this was the right thought at the right time. It was simple, but thoughtful. It was also something she would have never asked for herself.

During a Primary Sharing Time lesson once, a sister talked about how important it is to "listen with your heart" when attempting to serve others, and she had the kids role play "listening or hearing" verses "listening with your heart". It was an effective lesson.

One thing I haven't mentioned much during Service Boot Camp is the service that we parents, Mothers in particular, perform in our homes...on behalf of our families.

This also requires a lot of "listening with your heart."

Recently, my kids have expressed a lot of interest in pouring...pouring their own drinks, mixing their food at meals, etc. So yesterday, I decided we'd do some water play, where they could develop and gain confidence in their water-pouring skills. They loved it, of course, and although they couldn't express it, they seemed happy that my heart heard their needs.

Day 24: To choose effective service for others, first listen with your heart.

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  1. right on, super mom-love the thought listening with your heart. I remember centuries ago making large tissue flowers. In face I had some for cheap decoration for my newlywed apt. You brought back memories.