Friday, February 19, 2010

Service Boot Camp: Where They're Always Glad Ya Came

Letter from Boot Camp: Day 19

I recently referred to the area where we live as "the middle of nowhere".
(So sorry Lewisburg, I still love you!)
But I have to say, for the record, that living in such a rural area does have its perks.

One of those high points is the Farmer's Market, which takes place every Wednesday of the year, rain or shine. That is very good for us, because we (badly) needed an outing this week.

So, we headed to this free source of fun, color, smells, food, and open arms, just minutes from our house. My kids will say that feeding the animals and visiting the candy counter are some of the things that they look forward to when we go. But I always look forward to the way that people there receive us--a Mom with three wee ones--with such love. The people there treat my kids like they would their own. I can tell just by the joyful look on their faces that these people treasure children. I want to be around people like that.

This is the line that I generally hear, everywhere that I go:
"Well, you certainly have your arms full..."
which I usually literally do.

When I go to the Farmer's Market, I also hear:
"...but this is the best time of life, when you are with your little ones."

I realized tonight, after such a tough week of Mommying, that I was slightly misguided in focusing my Service Boot Camp on activities that didn't involve my dear children nearly enough, and that as in everything else that I do, I need to include my precious babies.

The wise words of my Farmer's Market friends echo a phrase used by the Greatest Servant of us all, our Savior, Jesus Christ, when He said in the New Testament, "Suffer [or permit] the come unto me." And in the Book of Mormon, when He commanded that their little ones should be brought before Him. He blessed them and said, "Behold your little ones..."

I anticipate next week will be sunnier all around, as I serve hand-in-hand with my little ones.

Day 19: Old people and children. They sure seem to have things figured out. :)


  1. how sweet and's a marvelous work to be a mom

  2. I can barely think of what to say to this...there is so much maturity, charity, admiration, and sweetness in this. Wow! What a woman!