Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Service Boot Camp (Day 2): We're All In This Together

Today, it was apparent to me
that often the best type of service we can give
is just being there for one another.

To listen, to encourage, to build each other up.

Our house was graced by the presence of four different friends today.

All of whom brought a smile to our faces and really lightened our load.

We also had a surprise visit from a cousin today.
"Flat Joseph" arrived in the mail.
He is a life-sized representation of
Steve's nephew Joseph who lives in Idaho.

The funny thing is that just a day or so earlier
I made this life-sized outline of my kids.

It's meant to be a "Service Growth Chart".

I thought the kids could put hearts on it each time they serve
in order to illustrate how serving
fills us with love for others.
Only by serving others can we truly grow up unto the Lord
and reach our full potential.

That was my thought anyway.
I was admittedly lukewarm on the idea.

And apparently so was Guy,
because he preferred to fill his in with multiple mouths and eyeballs,
a very realistic rendition of a rib cage
and germs, speckled throughout his body.

When "Flat Joseph" showed up at our house,
he immediately fit right in with the whole gang--
all flat and papery.

It was such a sweet gesture. (One of many we received today.)
And I am thankful to my SIL (and to my other friends) for extending this service to us today.

Day 2 of Boot Camp:
Easing into this with a little help from my friends and witnessing that an email, a phone call, a letter, a visit, a smile at just the right moment can be a priceless gift.

You don't have to do anything more extraordinary or labor-intensive to serve than this:
Be a friend.


  1. more good thoughts, keep them coming

  2. here's my day 2 report. Called a couple friends and emailed one. Sent a cake mix box home with yesterday's friend's son and STERNLY told him to bake a cake for his mom when she left for a meeting. Then went to dinner with a mom/daughter VTee on their request. Had a ball with all. Great Feb. Challenge.

  3. I wish I would of been invited to join you guys on this caring journey which is all true Christlike deeds of love. I am jealous. But I do wish you all the best for the great job and joy you are doing for others.