Sunday, February 7, 2010

Service Boot Camp: Just Keep Trying

The Savior is the best example of service.
Even though He came to earth as the Son of God,
he humbly served all those around him,
"I am among you as he that serveth." (Luke 22:27)

I want to teach my son about the service he can do
some day as a priesthood holder, but so far
I am still just trying to convince him to stay
in Primary for the duration of church!
I thought that making him
his very own tie might motivate him to do this.

It didn't.

But it did help me to fulfill my second project
for the Sewing Smackdown.

And it did make my son break out into dance...

Nothing strange about that.

We also colored some pictures for a friend who is in the hospital
before church this morning.

Service Boot Camp - Day 7:
We do what we can to serve others.
Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn't.
But the key is to do what you can do.
We colored pictures.
Friends of ours, on the other hand,
stripped down and jumped in the Susquehanna River
to raise money as part of a Polar Bear Plunge.

PS - I borrowed this photo from my friend Liz's blog.
She has a link to some very "cool" video of the event.


  1. I have that same tutorial bookmarked!

    Good thing you didn't set a time limit on this smackdown b/c I really didn't do this very simple as it will look. Getting ready to post mine.

  2. ah boys and ties, you have yet to hit the cub scouting days...brings back memories having had 4 sons...

  3. Thanks, I needed this reminder today.

  4. a ROLL of SenSens to Rick

  5. Great idea! Wish I'd seen it when my boys were still "little". :)

  6. Jocelyn! You are doing so amazing at this challenge. I am so inspired....and I need a little inspiration because I am feeling like I am not doing nearly as well. ARG...

    Love the ties.

  7. I love the tie!!! It's so cool, and would be great to help little men pick out their own ties that they would love to wear.

  8. I think the color yellow is excellent and I love the pattern :)

  9. I am impressed with your project ,again . And It looks great . I should try to make it because my son will attend a wedding party in May .