Monday, February 22, 2010

"No Sweat" Ruffled Sweater Scarf

Letter from Basic Training: Day 22

For my 3rd and final entry in the Sewing Smackdown,
I decided to make myself this "No Sweat" Sweater Scarf.

I have named it the "No Sweat" sweater scarf to remind myself to not sweat the static of life, the obnoxious noise that is trying to bounce me off of the path I am on to follow The Savior.

It's just noise.
I know that.

And I will not be moved.

I also named it "No Sweat" because it's so darn easy to make

The perfect accessory for the on-the-go-Mom.
It's lovely and it covers stains!

(Let's face it, that little detail is empowering in and of itself!)

And the fact that it is made from one of my husband's old sweaters makes it extra special.

Ok, are you ready to make your own?
(Call it whatever magic words you need to motivate yourself today and let's go!)

Here's how:

Get an old sweater
3 yards of ribbon
and a yarn needle

Begin by cutting the sweater into 4 inch strips. Sew the strips together, end-to-end, until you have about three yards or more sewn together. Set your sewing machine to the widest zig-zag with the shortest stitch length. Sew all the way around the edge of your scarf, stretching as you go. The stitch should be on the scarf (for the zig) and just off the scarf (for the zag), creating a finished edge. When that is complete, thread your yarn needle with the ribbon and sew down the length of your fabric as shown. Secure one end with a knot. Then gather your scarf as much as you'd like and tie the other end in a bow. That way you can adjust it and wear it many different ways.

Then wax victorious as you wear your will-strengthening scarf.

Day 22: Cheers to my fellow service boot-campers...only six days to go now.
Keep up the great work you are doing.
And remember:
"...none were received unto baptism save they atook upon them the name of Christ, having a determination to serve him to the end." (Moroni 6:3)

Don't let anything distract you.

Uh, I have to clean up this sweet little girl's paint mess now.
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  1. I think the time is wrong on your blog as thsi posted today, not Sunday. And...where is the voting post. AND...your hair looks fine.

  2. great smackdown idea. love the scarf...and your hair. yes, it's short, not what you wanted but I knew you could make it presentable til it grows out again.

  3. Yes, thanks, I started writing it last night actually, so the date still says Sunday on it, no biggie.

  4. Thanks, Mom! These pictures are definitely the "after" in after I stayed in the chair until the other woman would fix the cut...TWICE!

  5. Love the ruffled look of your scarf! Great way to recycle an old sweater too. :)