Saturday, February 6, 2010

Service Boot Camp: Envision Those We Serve

We had planned on attending the temple today,
but the snowstorm changed those plans.

However, we did go to the Lewisburg Ice Festival
yesterday, and one of the local newspapers
published this picture of Scarlett peering through
the snowman ice sculpture above.

Here are a few pictures that I snapped
before we ran off to play (read: freeze) at the park.

This huge Teddy Bear Chair is a yearly favorite at the festival.
There are tons of sculptures to check out all over Market Street.
Autumn would have sat here all day if I had let her.
That's Guy in the yellow jacket.

Joined by her sister Scarlett, these two made a very sweet pair.

I baked eight batches of fortune cookies last night,
delivered them to bake some more.

My husband reminded me late last night as I was finishing up,
that I was wasn't just baking cookies...
I was clothing a child who had lost his parents in the earthquake...etc...You get the picture.

Day 6: Remember that when you are serving,
the actual job at hand doesn't always fully encompass the service that you are providing.
Work to see through the sometimes tedious task in front of really see the person you are helping.


  1. I love Scarlet's cupcake shirt and her skirt. Super cute! Where did you find those? ;o)

  2. i'm going to make Dad's activities the service of yesterday for me. Again, he snowplowed the entire street, the man north of us as well as the church so we old ladies (me in particular) wouldn't slip on the ice/snow. He does this every snow day and we are most grateful for the wonderful snowblower.