Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Service Boot Camp: Break Away

Letter from Basic Training:
"Breaking Away"
"How do you do everything you do?"
"When do you sleep?"
"What are you taking? I want some."

I've received a lot of comments like these lately,
especially since I've been blogging
and they always make me laugh.

I'm just like you.

My house gets messy.

My budget gets tight.

And my voice gets a tad loud at times!

But in answer to the question:
How do you manage to do all that you do?

I'm not totally sure.
But I do try to follow one rule of thumb.


This week, in Service Boot Camp,
I am discovering what can happen
when I cut TV viewing entirely out of our daytime routine.

I have found that the kids play together...nicely.

They create and build things.

They make up silly stories and role-play.

And I feel like I own my house again and not like my TV owns me...and my time.

It's wonderful.

And I still manage to get my fortune cookies baked!

Day 10:
What can you cut out of your life to make room/time to serve others?


  1. so true, I rarely watch tv but enjoy instead writing. Working on my children's poetry book of nature poems. I'm up to about 60 pages now. And I'm learning lots about rhyming.

  2. Oh boy. You hit the nail on the head with this one, didn't you???? I always think of this funny story an old man told in church one time with the gist of it being, "Are you flying this plane, or is the plane flying you??" Good anaology for my life. I think about it all the time.

  3. Oh! So THAT'S how you got the fortune cookies to bend. My way never worked so I gave up. Very smart.

  4. I TOTALLY AGREE!! We have lots of TV free days and they are WONDERFUL days! We accomplish so much more and my kids are so much happier even though they tell me they miss TV. I try to limit them to having the TV on for a max of 1 hr a day if we have it on that day and that also helps if you can't have completely free from TV days. Thanks for all your postings.