Thursday, February 4, 2010

Service Boot Camp: Making It Happy & Making it Happen

Letter from Basic: Day 4

I am exhausted.
As I write this, my children and husband are waiting to tuck ME in to bed.
So this will be quick.

Here is some play dough that we made to take to a friend's little girls.

It's called "Sunshine Clay" from a book my mom passed on to me called
"A Family Raised On Rainbows"...catchy title.

Here's the recipe:

Knead together:
3 cups flour
1 cup water
1 cup salt
1/3 cup oil
Add: desired food coloring

Store in air-tight container and keep refrigerated.

Day 4: Serving others keeps me from pulling my hair out when my kids decide to decorate the house with Halloween (and Christmas) decorations...ten days before Valentine's Day.


  1. not sure this applies but I will MAKE it fit the thought. a friend who teaches at St. Joseph's school asked me to be one of the judges for the school's science fair. She's been pulling her hair out dealing with this and her normal classes. I agreed to help and had such a fun time! You wouldn't believe the fun time I had with these very respective, well uniformed 6-7-8th graders. So she may be relieved and no longer pulling out her hair but I think I got the blessing for service in this instance. thismonth is a LOT of fun, J...thanx

  2. kids love halloween and christmas-why not? sounds like you are exhausting yourself with serving. Don't forget to take time to fill your well so you can keep giving. Sleep, time for you...