Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Hearts Go Out to Haiti: Fortune Cookie Recipe

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I am happy to report
that the homemade fortune cookie sale
has raised over
all of which will be donated to the
LDS Humanitarian aid program to help with the recovery efforts
and needs of the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

"Our Hearts Go Out To Haiti"
is aptly named, because my heart has truly gone out to them
as I have baked, and baked, and baked.
(At least 50 dozen cookies so far!)

Thanks to everyone who bought cookies.
We did this together!

Here is the recipe for these beautiful
fortune cookies.

When I make it, I quadruple the recipe!
The more you make at once, the nicer they turn out,
and you are certainly going to want to spread the good fortune
around to neighbors and friends!


Fortune Cookie Ingredients:

2 egg whites
1/2 cup flour, sifted
1/2 cup white sugar
1 tsp almond extract
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 Tbsp water


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Place egg whites in a large bowl and beat until very frothy,
almost soft peaks.

Add sifted flour.

Add sugar, almond extract, and vanilla.


Stir in two tablespoons of water to thin batter.
(The picture above shows four because I quadruple the recipe
as I mentioned earlier!)

Mix until smooth.

Place one tablespoon of batter on the pan.
(It works best using a Silpat baking mat.)

Start in the center using your tablespoon in a circular motion until you have spread the batter into a five-inch circle.

You'll want to begin with just two cookies on a sheet,
but once you get good at it you'll be able to do more.

For quality control purposes, I worked best with four on a sheet.

Bake the cookies for 6 minutes.
Watch closely for the final minute.

Remove when cookie edges are just beginning to brown.

I usually took mine out promptly with about 30 seconds left.

Then when the buzzer went off, I began shaping my cookies.

To Shape:
Simply lift one cookie off of the sheet using a very thin spatula.
Flip cookie over so the "wrong" side is up.
Place your pre-printed/cut fortune paper flat on the cookie.
Fold in half so the edges line up nice and neatly.
Then, using the lip of a bowl, bend the cookie over it and shape with your hands.
This whole process should take about ten seconds.

Place in a muffin tin to cool.
And repeat with remaining cookies.

After a few minutes I flip the cooling cookies over to allow the moisture to release.

Store cookies in air-tight containers for up to a week.
Recipe Source: AlphaMom


  1. Interesting, always wondered how they were made. Good for you and all the survivors in Haiti for your donations.

  2. did you eat a lot of scrambled eggs this week?

    PS. word verifciation sucks.

  3. I thinks it's cool how people Rise up to the occasion of loving their fellow man. Thanks everyone for the little and big things you do to make the world a better place. Keep up the X-C-Lence