Friday, February 5, 2010

Service Boot Camp: The Unifying Effect of Service

Letter from Boot Camp: Day 5

...12 hours of sleep later...

I'm ready to tackle my big service project to raise money for the Haiti relief effort.

Today is the last day that I will be taking orders for these Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies.

And now it's time to GET BAKING.

I've been baking and filling orders already this week, but next week, all of the orders will be due.

It has been very enjoyable having friends come by to chat and to help me bake.

That has been, by far, my favorite part of Service Boot Camp...serving with others.

There is something unifying about it, for sure.

A friend of mine recently said this about service,
"When you serve someone, you are so exquisitely blessed,
because you create a bond with them.
That helps you strengthen and better understand
your relationship with your Savior,
because He served you."

Do my fellow recruits feel unified?

Who can you involve in your service efforts today?

Day 5: Friends who serve together, stay together.
(Maybe that should be one of the fortunes in my fortune cookies?)


  1. well, i cheerfully, tho reluctantly, went to my stake prez meeting. Got a tile that,BTW,you will be the recipient of. Bought cupcakes at huge price from a new cupcake store and shared with Pam and Ken and Robert. Does any of this apply?