Friday, February 5, 2021

Pittsburgh Temple Photos (Before Building!)

I spent the day taking pictures of the future location of the Pittsburgh Temple (and running errands with the kids.) 

It was a great relief to be outside in the sunshine and the fresh, crisp air! My kids enjoyed it too.

The photo above was taken from the backyard of one of my neighbors.  You can see the white steeple of our Stake Center on the left.  The temple lot is to the right and more in the center of this photo.

This is the site of the new temple from the church parking lot.  The temple will be just behind these big pine trees.

And here are a few photos of the chapel we have attended as part of the Cranberry Ward for four years now, and where Honor was recently baptized.

We don't consider it a coincidence that 4.5 years ago, while attending the open house for the Philadelphia Temple, we were befriended by a family in line in front of us.  That family lived in Cranberry Township and highly recommended this place to us, and since we were in need of a place to live at the time, we ended up moving here!  She is now my ministering sister.  He is now a member of our stake presidency.  And WE are preparing to go through the temple-building process all over again.  Only this time, we'll have a front row seat.

Honor received a camera for her birthday last fall, so she was excited to take her own photos of all that we saw.

And Val was excited to draw his own picture of the future temple as soon as we got home!

Here are some posts that I did during the highly-anticipated building of the Philadelphia temple.  

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