Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Proud to Be Me FHE


I'm semi-diligently working through the Family Proclamation with my kids.  For family home evening this week, we learned about gender.

We actually started FHE off by looking at pictures of our trip to the dinosaur museum (which you can see in the previous post).  One of the exhibits we explored showed how different aspects of the dinosaurs' body was used as armor.

We talked about the purposes of the various parts of the dinosaurs, and then transitioned into the purposes of our bodies and the purposes of boy and girl bodies.

We made a verbal list of things that both boys and girls can do, which was fun and interesting.  I listed things that have typically been considered "male or female" professions or activities and quizzed them as to whether it's something a boy or girl could do.  It was fun to see that boys and girls can do basically any job that the other gender can do.

Since we're big Signing Time fans, we then watched the Signing Time video of their song "I'm proud to be me" which got everyone energized, especially the little ones.

We talked about the purpose of being a boy or a girl and what it means in God's kingdom.  We talked about being grateful for gender and being kind to those who might believe differently than we do about this topic.

Overall, it was a fun FHE that kept the littles involved.


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