Thursday, February 4, 2021

Line Upon Line

For all the difficult parts of motherhood right now, I get great blessings from my oldest daughter who sends me texts like this one. Our relationship and her trust in me brings me joy.

As background, when Scarlett was in 4th grade she tried to follow in her brother's footsteps by testing in to the gifted program at school. She saw what cool projects they did and wanted to be included, but she was turned away. This was the first of many times I've watched Scarlett handle disappointments with grace, and I think it's those disappointments that have built her character and made her more dependent on her Heavenly Father. Although she didn't make it into the academically gifted program that day, I consider Scarlett to be spiritually gifted. She has taken the gifts she was born with and focused on increasing them over time until they are truly strengths.  She shines. 

Scarlett is in 8th grade now, and unlike most of her classmates, she doesn't have a smartphone yet. We've held off. And she's been mostly ok with that. Watching her brother has made all of my girls want to hold off on getting a smartphone.  But for Christmas, I did get her a Gabb Wireless phone, which makes it possible for her to more easily text me now. But it was still a surprise to get a text from her as she is normally home 3 days a week and in school 2 due to Coronavirus.

I'm just so happy that her teachers saw her potential and suggested that she take honors science next year. And it was sweet that she had to ask me if I thought she could/should do it! It just kind of brings the story full-circle for me. No matter how smart or "gifted" you are, hard work, humble effort, and a good attitude just pays off in the long run. I'm so happy for my girl! And for her faithful example in my life.