Monday, July 21, 2014

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple

A few weeks ago, Guy asked me when "our" temple--The Philadelphia Temple--would be finished.  I wan't to know too, so I pulled up the Philadelphia temple website on my laptop, and we learned a lot of things about the temple.

One of the best things we learned is that visitors to the temple construction grounds are welcome, and they even have a pair of missionaries to give you a little tour.

So on our way to the airport on Wednesday, we stopped by the temple site and had a wonderful experience learning about the construction and then splashing in the beautiful parks nearby.  

We are Pennsylvania "proud and true" and we are so excited and feeling blessed to finally be getting a temple in our great state...the State where this country was born.

Of course, we hopped on a plane and upon landing in Utah immediately saw two temples at once.   What a place. 

Here are some more facts and photos we took to give you an idea of how progress is coming along on the Philadelphia temple:

The Philadelphia temple was announced at General Conference in 2008.  I cried when I heard and thought of my Grandpa who was born and raised here.  He would be so happy.

The temple is scheduled to be completed in 2016 and is being built to last through the millennium.  A granite building has not been erected in downtown Philadelphia in about 100 years, so the crews are being carefully trained to do the job right.   

The temple is being built in a very urban area, right downtown, near some really cool parks and other large churches.  They are building an underground parking garage, a maintenance building, a chapel/cultural center across the street, and a large apartment building.  Who knows what else will be added to the plans before they are finished?  Hopefully, they will include a small visitor center as part of the church building.

The interior furnishings are meant to harken back to the days of the founding fathers of the United States and to match the colonial architecture of the city.  While we were there, we heard that the windows had just arrived, so maybe when we get back from Utah, we will drive by and see more progress!

We are looking forward to having a temple here in Pennsylvania very much...It'll just take a few more years!  For more information on the temple check the Philadelphia Temple Site.


  1. I loved to hear about other temple. Once we had hoped to visit all of the temples. I don't think that will happen now. We have been to about 29 temples. I know how exciting it is to have a temple being built in your state. We lived in Las Vegas Nevada when that temple was build and it was such an exciting time in our lives. We loved being involved in the open house and etc. We work in the Jordan River Temple on Saturday Mornings and it is such a blessing in our lives.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and progress on the Philadelphia temple. Blessings for you!

  2. how fun. i'm looking forward to the Rome Temple being completed in 2015 as I'm doing Italian Indexing!

  3. How cool that you get to watch the progress!

    By the way, was that you being quoted in the Ensign this month about reining in media use?

  4. My daughter just got called to serve in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania mission. She enters the MTC on October 29. I don't know you personally, but read your blog enough that I feel like I do. It would be so awesome if she crossed paths with you! I love your blog and the things you are doing to teach your children. Thank you for your example.

    1. Oh that is so wonderful. Tell me her name so I can see if we might find one another. I am in the Pittsburgh Mission, but perhaps when the temple is complete we might find one another!

    2. Oh that is so wonderful. Tell me her name so I can see if we might find one another. I am in the Pittsburgh Mission, but perhaps when the temple is complete we might find one another!