Sunday, February 28, 2021

Easy Temple Embroidery Pattern


We're still excited about the upcoming Pittsburgh Temple over here.  

I posted last week about making an embroidery of the temple design, but I needed to make a new one that was a wee bit easier for our Activity Day girls to attempt.

As it turned out, I am not going to be doing the mid-week activities, because my husband is doing the boys' activities and we can't both be at church at the same time, so as a result, I won't be doing this particular craft with the girls, but maybe someone reading this will want to!

I followed the same process as I mentioned in this previous post.  

1. Print out a photo of the temple in the size of your choice.
2. Tape to a window and trace the outline (using a pencil) onto muslin.  (For this one, instead of doing a complete sketch of the details, I just did the outline of the temple.)
3. Back the muslin with thin quilt batting and place in an embroidery frame.
4. Stitch in colors of your choice.


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