Monday, February 8, 2021

A Birthday for Mom

One of the greatest blessings of our move from central Pennsylvania to the Pittsburgh area is that I am able to see my parents more often.  Today is my Mom's birthday, so this weekend, we got a chance to step off the quarantine hamster wheel of our daily lives and spend the weekend with my parents.

My parents are super lovie dovie.  It's getting cuter to watch as they age.  They're both wonderful parents, grandparents, and friends, beloved by all.

My parents live in the house that my grandparents lived in, just down the street from the house that I grew up in.  So, while they no longer own the house I grew up in, it still holds tons of memories for all of us.

However, there are some changes and new additions, like my parents' new puppy Jinx.  Jinx brings a lot of joy to my children, so even though I couldn't bring myself to get Scarlett that dog she has always wanted, visiting Jinx at my parent's house is the next best thing.

One of the highlights for me was getting to see my sister Marissa who was my roommate all growing up.  We even went to the same college.  We even had babies one day apart, so it's fun to get the together.

I had bought her a pair of earrings from my friend's Etsy shop, and I was excited to give them to her, until she reminded me that she no longer had pierced ears.  I thought, this cannot be right.  I hardly ever wear earrings and my holes have never closed.  So, in a true 'Jocelyn & Marissa' moment, I said, let me see your ears.  I managed to get those earrings in pretty easily and it was kind of dramatic-sounding, but hilarious.  She was elated that she thought her piercings had been closed all these years and I was happy she could use the earrings that I had gotten her after all.  It was all very "Laverne & Shirley". I love my sister.  Or seeeeeeester, as I call her.

It was fun to pour love on Granny for her birthday.  The kids had all gotten her little gifts.  It was good for all of us to get a change of scenery and to spend time together.

Coy even got in some sewing time with Granny.  And Papa gave a talk in their stake conference, which we got to watch from the comfort of my parent's home.

We closed out the weekend of great food and family fun by letting off poppers and a confetti cannon, which blew away in the February wind, but it was still fun.

And, of course, no trip home is complete without stopping by Lake Erie, which always looks stunning, no matter the season.

I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father has given us families to love and support each other and to weather storms as one.


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  1. families are forever...I got to enjoy a short visit with my son daniel and we took time to put together a puzzle and talk for hours! Afterwards, he said I feel like I accomplished something and he/we did. Then off to an art museum with dan and his dg/my grand dg. Heather-fun times not to be forgotten and appreciated more by our separations during this pandemic!