Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Happiest Time of the Year: Coy's Birthday


As I catch up on more of the happy moments of 2020, I am reminded about what a perfect day we had on Coy's 3rd birthday!  What made it sweet, besides that fact that he is just the sweetest thing was that the big kids all joined in on the birthday party and made it fun.

On a normal year, this would be a normal thing, but this was not a normal year for our family (as it is always touch and go with our oldest son and to be honest it was that day as well). So a smooth and happy celebration of our boy was appreciated by us, the parents!

We decided to make Coy's birthday like a friend-party, with party hats and musical chairs.  My older kids got into it, and before long there was even a conga line going...lead by Guy!  The little kids were thrilled, and it more than made up for not being able to have any friends over.

Coy got his traditional Cookie Monster cake, which all of the kids have had....and breakfast in bed, which is a highlight...and lots of love and snuggles and attention from us, which can be the best gift in such a busy/big family.

I am so grateful that God gifted us with Coy.  He brings us joy and helps us to feel light, even as life is heavy, and I'm so grateful for that.

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  1. how fun you do have a large family! lots of opportunity for growing and loving!