Friday, February 19, 2021

Honor's Homeschooling Year - 2nd Grade

This has been a fun year of dipping our toes into the world of homeschooling, and right now we're gathering Honor's favorite pieces for the evaluator to look at in the next week or so.  So, I figured I'd post some of them here for us to enjoy and remember our awesome year of learning together.

One of her favorite courses of study in History was ancient Egypt, but the middle-ages were not far behind.

She was fascinated by the queens of Egypt, and she loved learning about the feudal system in Europe.  We were able to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art's amazing collection of medieval armor as well as their Egyptian art collection on a field trip with her grandpa one day.

Honor liked Egypt so much that she dressed as Cleopatra for Halloween and had an Egyptian-themed 8th birthday party!

We loved visiting the Phipps Conservatory during the last year and it's nearby neighbor this beautiful statue of Christopher Columbus, which was subsequently removed after much vandalism. (It was created by a Pittsburgh artist.)

We did some fun science experiments (like this pumpkin volcano) and did some tree identification in the fall. We enjoyed such a beautiful weather!

Perfect weather, just right for digging in the pit near our house...from which she returned quite muddy!

Some of the most enjoyable moments were unplanned...

Like when we realized they were flushing the fire hydrants on our street, and since we didn't have to rush off to school, we could play in the stream of water it created.

Or when Honor took to creating anything she could think of out of cardboard and this camera that she toted around for a week or so taking pictures of all of her friends!

Piano lessons and trips to farms during the fall to pick sunflowers and apples together as a family.

We truly had an amazing year!  And it's interesting to look back at these pictures now and see how much she has grown in so short a time.

We had a great adventure learning about the American Revolution.  I love this drawing she did of George Washington.  We watched lots of "Liberty's Kids" in the car, and the boys now march around with pop guns talking about being "Americans".  This also lead to our amazing family trip in October to tour the Boston Freedom Trail, Plymouth, and Cape Cod. And unforgettable trip!

Our Christmas & Holidays Around the World unit connected us to friends from different countries and taught us a lot about different cultures and people...and was a fun way to celebrate during December.

We learned about the human body, and now we're learning about minerals and how to write in cursive.  The learning continues.  And while the verdict is still out as to whether she'll continue to homeschool next year, we've certainly enjoyed our year together this year!

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