Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Miss My Kids...Already.

I think I need to up my dose of chocolate today.

For some reason, I'm sitting here thinking about my kids (Guy) going off to kindergarten next year, and I am in tears.  So I decided to post some pictures of some quintessential moments that I share with my kids on a daily basis...the ones I'll surely miss when they all go to school.

And this little poem that I wrote to express what I am feeling:

My children's laughter is the soundtrack of my days.
They are loud and creative and passionate and like me in so many ways.

But what will happen when their music is not a part of my day?
Will I find another song to bring me joy?  Oh Lord, help me to find my way...

...and keep them always in Yours.


  1. you are more than a mother, you were once like your little ones-reclaim some time for you when the kids are off to school. You can't live your lives through them, develop your talents too. Write a book or article...on parenting. You've got lots of great materials on your blog. Someday you'll have an empty nest with grandkids visiting occasionally, enjoy each stage.

  2. Not that I am pushing it...

    BUT, have you ever considered homeschooling? I felt that way when my #1 went off to school. Sometimes even more, just sick. When #2 went off to school a couple years later, same thing. After over 5 years of research and prayer, and fasting (I am a really slow learner :D) I took #1 out when he finished Gr. 4 and #2 the same year after Gr. 2.

    It is always your choice, but in case you haven't thought of that option...just putting it out there.

    Children are amazing and they really are a blessing, making those choices are so very hard. The Lord answers prayers though. He really does love us.

  3. Thanks, Lin. Actually, my children HAVE made me "MORE THAN A MOTHER". They have helped me to reach heights that I never imagined, explored talents that I never knew existed, and brought me more of a creative outlet than I have ever experienced before they came along. I certainly don't desire to "live my life through them" but because of them, I have been able to live my life to the fullest. As for the book...well, I guess you'll just have to stay tuned on that one...

  4. I love this post, Jocelyn.

    I can't say I felt that way when they went to kindergarten (well, maybe I did with the last one), but when they went to college I cried big-time.

    My sister gave me a plaque with this little poem (cute, like yours!):

    "Little by little, time goes by,
    Short if you sing, long if you sigh.
    Note by note, life's music plays on.
    Songs ever changing but never gone."

    I keep it on my nightstand.


  5. I felt the same way Jocelyn when my boys started school. But through time i discovered i could get things done throughout the house with Donna Summers' 70's hits playing in the background... and I even had time to do my nails without any disturbances and without any smuges on them. You will do find, make a nice long "to do" list to keep you busy and journel your feelings for them to read when they get older. I am keeping a journal for each of the girls to give to them when they get married. Its a good thing.

  6. i love the hoppity ball motion shot. that is what i think of when i think of my children's childhood. motion. writing about that childhood you're giving them is going to always be with you.

  7. Oh yes, I have felt this way. Especially after 8 are now gone and I am down to the last three. They grow so fast. They are so amazing.

  8. This is so sweet! I love this post! What adorable pictures!!!!! My daughter had a birthday yesterday and I think I found myself close to tears a number of times. Time goes so fast in some ways!

  9. It's no different when your kids go to kindergarten or when they leave you period. The best noise is volunteering at their get their noise (and appreciation) and so much more

  10. awe, sweetheart. Hang in there. I know it is hard to let go, but remember that for every ending there is a new beginning. That is what I keep trying to tell myself. Think of all the fun he'll be having and friends he'll make. I remember going to help my mom out in her classroom and seeing this kids. They were having a blast! I am sure I'll be posting a very similar post in a few months. :)

  11. I love that my kids are in school now. I love seeing their work they bring home. But I miss them being so little. My oldest will be 12 in a couple of weeks. It's so fun to see them grow up. I love it. But I also love that I still have a 4 year old at home. He's spoiled and can you blame me? But I'm also so excited for him to go to school everyday. They get so excited to be a "big kid." I've learned that there is joy in every stage of a kid's life. It just changes. And I love having older kids now too! It's fun.

  12. One of the reasons I home school is because I couldn't find the strenght to let go of my kids, I didn't want them to go away the whole day, I love the so very much, I know they drive me crazy sometimes, but I couldn't imagine life without them, of course I'm sure one day they will want to go to school and I'm gonna have to let them go to school (do I really have to? hehe)...aaahhh I love my babies!!!! =D

  13. I felt the same way when they started school but also when i started to work full was very hard adjustment for me. This comment is not to make you or anyone sad but to let you know that God loves each one of us and He will provide a way that our sorrows may be relieved through His own loving way...and He did, He always does!!

    I love your Mom's comment! You can share your talent in his school by volunteering and that means MORE FUN MEMORIES for you and your kids! Hooray to MOM!!