Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lovely & Of Good Report

From FP Alphabet

I was assaulted by some degrading videos online this morning, and the worst part was that Guy was looking over my shoulder when the uninvited guests flashed across my screen.  The good thing is that I don't think that he comprehended what we were seeing, and I pulled it down quickly.  

Now as I type this, I am thinking how ironic it is that this happened when we just had an FHE last night about our bodies and explained point-blank how babies are made.  (Thanks to Deila for the book suggestion!)  Now I'm sure that this was a feeble attempt of the adversary to get his twisted message in the only way he can, through deceit and through offending the innocent.  Typical.  You'd better believe that I will be on better guard moving forward.

Instead of being annoyed by it (or enraged!), I just decided to counter the bad with some good.  So here are my kids sharing what they have learned so far from the Family Proclamation ABCs.  Enjoy!  And I hope that you have an uplifting, spam-free day!

Oh, and, in case you were wondering...Yes, my goal in life is to be the kind of woman who, when her feet hit the ground in the morning, the Devil says, "Oh crapshe's awake!"

A - "All human beings are created in the image of God."

B - "Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony."

C - "We declare, that God's commandment for his children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force."


  1. They are too funny. I loved that your daughter was smiling for the "camera" at first.


  2. Ah! I love your cute kids! I admire your goal... currently it's ME saying "oh crap" when my feet hit the floor... as in, "oh crap, I'M awake.." :)

  3. Life is so ironic that way. So proud of you for speaking truth and reality to your children instead of letting media do it poorly for you.

  4. Isn't interesting how the adversary will "pop" in when there is something sacred being taught to show the opposition in all things? Good job for teaching about bodies. My boy declares to people in the store at times when he believes them to immodestly dressed.

  5. I Love kids, and yours are no exeption. Their minds are little sponges and I think sometimes are gifted with the Spirit to turn a blind eye and ignore the evill happening all around.
    Scarlett is such a sweetheart and just makes me smile.

  6. Ok, I just deleted two comments on this post, not because I didn't appreciate what was said, I just didn't want any of the words in your comments bringing unwanted traffic to my site...if you know what I mean. So sorry! Hope you understand my reasoning...and aren't be offended. It's strictly a safety thing, and nothing against what you wrote! After what happened this morning, I'm hyper sensitive!

  7. This post was delightful. I loved the video and I know how you feel when the adversary uses the internet to throw out junk. I have been a victum of it too. You are on the right with your sweet family.
    Blessings to you! LeAnn

  8. Jocelyn, I really hate that I can't control the content that is on my own computer. Check Komando dot com for advice. There is a free add on for firefox that will allow you to protect what comes on your computer. I am going to check it out myself later today. It is the free daily download and it is regarding filtering explicit content and language. Hope it helps you.

  9. I think your kids are lovely and of good report.

  10. What an annoyance! But!!! I love your "goal in life!!!" just love it!