Sunday, January 9, 2011

Guy's Testimony

Guy entering the room with his class during his preschool Christmas Program, as an angel.

Guy was watching over my shoulder as I blogged yesterday with much curiosity.  I told him that this is where I write about the neat things that we do together.  He said that he wanted to add to what I was writing--to insert his own 5-year-old thoughts, I guess--so I decided to let him have his very own post.

To begin his first post, I thought it'd be appropriate to share the testimony that Guy said, by himself, in front of the congregation in church last week.  He said,

"I love Mommy.  I love everybody.  I love Jesus.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

He also wants to add this:

"I love Care-Cub.
I love snuggling with Mommy.
I love typing numbers on Mommy's computer.
And I love numbers.
I love Mommy, Daddy, Autumn, Scarlett, and Me.
I love all of my friends."


  1. What a great boy! How would it be to have SO much love?

  2. One day when I was brainstorming with my boys about different things they would like to do. They mentioned they would like a blog.

    Well, so far they have each had one for a little over a year and it constantly amazes me how much they have to say.

    Thanks for sharing such a powerful testimony from your little Guy. (I love at the end where he even loves important!)

  3. So cute!! I love hearing little kids get up on their own and bare their testimony!!

  4. oh gosh! he is the cutest, he really is!

  5. Love it! Definitely something for you to record and keep for later!

  6. Oh my gosh! Soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!

  7. What a cutie. A happy child is always delightful, and he is a lucky boy to be in a home that nurtures him so well.