Saturday, January 22, 2011

There Are No Unsolvable Problems

My good blog-friend over at Samurai Mom just mentioned the article that came out last week called "Why I Can't Stop Reading Mormon Housewife Blogs."  I love the author's subtitle, "I'm a young, feminist atheist who can't bake a cupcake. Why am I addicted to the shiny, happy lives of these women?"  Good question!

The writer of the article admits to being enthralled with the lifestyle that she sees portrayed on our blogs...staying home, cooking, loving our husbands and children, and, in general, loving our lives.  While she, at times, expresses skepticism about the validity of the happiness that so many of us "Mormon Mommy Bloggers" display in our posts, she still seems drawn to it, like a child with her nose pressed up to a toy store window.  Here is part of what my friend wrote in response:

"I just want to affirm that marriage IS wonderful.  Being a mother IS the most important and fulfilling job a woman can have.  That Mormon women DO really do all the things they blog about.  That for the most part we ARE happy.  In short, we are the real deal. "

And to her words, I'd like to add:  While we don't always love every minute of our jobs at home, we do love our lives and try to make the most of every day.  We get depressed, we get sick, we are met with disappointment.  We experience all the same feelings as any other woman out there working in any other occupation...but we shine through it with the Lord's help, and live to see better days.

Many of us have been in vastly different life situations than the "ideal" described in her article.  We've been single.  We've been employed outside of the home.  We've been divorced.  We've struggled.  Life is perfect for no one.  No matter how someones blog may appear (or how you may read into it).  

Perhaps the writer of that article is the one wearing rose-colored glasses, if she does not notice that we blog about both the good and the bad.  But to answer her original question: Maybe this self-proclaimed atheist has had something stirred inside of her as she has witnessed (perhaps unwittingly) the peaceful pattern of living that has brought true contentment to all of these women's lives, as described on blog after blog after blog.  

Personally, I think we seem happy, because although we live far from perfect lives, we face each day with the knowledge that because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, there are no unsolvable problems in this life.

And that's something that every woman, in all walks of life, can be happy about.


  1. I saw this article as well. I like your take on it! And I love that picture of the kids with the maps! How great!

  2. Really interesting article. Thanks for telling us about it. And I enjoyed your comments, too.


  3. I read about that article also, and it's true about Mormon women-it's helps to know why you are were, where you came from and where you are going...

  4. Beautifully stated. Thank you for your continual insight and inspired words.
    We sing "Count Your Many Blessings" and we feel great gratitude for the hand of the Lord we see about us, through the good and the difficult.Is there not much to be happy about?
    Feeling our divine heritage and knowing that our loving Father is watching over his children has made all the difference to me.

  5. This is so funny, because people look at our lives thinking perfect. Hey, I have done with m own friends in our faith who seem to have it all map out and the lord a proves and they never have to change there plans from moment to moment. But that isn't the case. It's nice that no matter live seem outside in our blogs. We have the peace of the gospel that is why they are so fun and great to read. Like your cute blog thanks for sharing this loved it :0)

  6. I see these articles (this one included) and often can only see the fun they poke at us as a I REALLY appreciate your take on it.

    I have a really hard time constantly justifying myself as a SAHM, Homeschooler, LDS woman, and so many other things that I often get hung up on the negitive things that people say. Your take on the whole thing is refreshing and wonderful. So, I thank you for it.

    Honestly, I am so incredibly different than most women here in my city that I stand out...crazy ammount of standing out...and I need to have a more positive attitude and see the backhand compliments that they are giving me. :)

  7. Yes, we do experience all the difficulties that life has to offer to anyone; but we also have the perspective you spoke of that there are "no unsolvable problems," and because of that we live in an incredible state of HOPE! We also live in a state of peace and contentment, no matter what our circumstances, because we know that we are living our lives the way Christ would have us... to the best of our abilities. And we know that what we can not do, He will take care of the rest.

    We are so blessed! No wonder we are so anxious to share what we have with the rest of the world! :D

  8. Hey maybe she will be converted?

    I also feel you may have a couple of adventurous travelers in your home or maybe they are dreaming and checking out on where they would like to serve their missions?

  9. I read that article, too, and I came to the same conclusions as you did. I've been reading your blog for a while, and I love it. Thank you for your positive posts and for your love for your family. You are leaving a very positive mark on the world. Can I move next door to you? :)

  10. I will basically just say, "yeah, what you and the commenters said!"

    Thank you for sharing this!

  11. I read that article when it first came out, and I couldn't help but feel sad for her. Here we are, we're happy we're fulfilled, but because it doesn't fit the model she was taught she HAS to reject it. She has to believe we can't possibly be as happy as we seem, because if we are then that means the model she's based her life on is wrong, and that can be a painful and hard truth to recognize.

    Not that our lives are perfect-but they are happier overall and it's because of the gospel.