Monday, January 3, 2011

In Case You're Not Sure What To Do With 2011...

Here are a few ideas...and posts to go with them!
(Click on the photos to go directly to each post.)

Looking for more ideas?  Check out my sidebar all this month...

Stay Happily Married

Make Birthday Ripples

Take a Family Sabbatical

"Celebrate Family"

Remember Your Ancestors

Upcycle Something

Read the Book of Mormon in a Month

Increase Religious Observance

Craft With Your Kids

Join Service Boot Camp


  1. lots of fun ideas...I'm working on a rs birthday celebration entitled Voices of Women-readings of poetry and prose with my WORDshop group of women who are so talented.

  2. Lots of great ideas here!! Thanks for sharing. I love all the talent!!

  3. My birthday's still four months away, but I keep pondering on how I can make match up to last years.

    Love all your ideas!

  4. Thanks for so many neat resources!


  5. nice ideas here--I'm working on better scripture study in the a.m. with my home schooled, seminary going 15 year old. thx!