Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ten Minutes of Sunshine

I vow to get ten to 30 minutes of sunshine per day.

Take THAT, Winter.

Have a great weekend!

And -- Thanks to  my SIL Renae for the "winter" blocks!
They make winter seem so much more friendly somehow.


  1. there is much to celebrate in winter-water and moisture to replenish our thirsty lands...and a rest from gardening and lawn work. Time inside for creative activities...

  2. You need some of our snow! Looking kind of brown there. :)

    I agree though, it is tricky to get out in the winter. Here it is pretty white so it seems so much colder then it is. To get all our winter stuff on seems like such a bother.

    Time outside is so important.

  3. I like the size and shape of those winter blocks. Really cute.

    And it looks like a perfect winter day in your neck of the woods!


  4. I should send you some snow and take some sunshine. If I had some sun outside I'd probably commit to the same thing! Looks lovely there nice to play outside in shirt sleeves and capris! Cute winter blocks too.

  5. that's great...gotta keep those vitamin D levels on track.

  6. Having lived through five central Pennsylvania winters, I say with sincerity, "Good luck!" While Pennsylvania is an absolutely beautiful place, the sun is quite loath to show his face during winter. I hope that your lovely family will inspire him to come out more often. =)

  7. The sun was out for an hour or so yesterday for the first time in a week or so. It was so wonderful, and if it wouldn't have been zeroish outside, I would have gone out an stood for that entire hour. ;)

  8. REALLY good goal. I think we will also, thanks for the inspiration!