Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When He Comes Again

People often assume that my daughter Scarlett is named after the fabulous female lead of Gone With The Wind.  While, it is true that I once spent a whole day of Christmas vacation in seventh grade completely entranced by that movie, she is not named for Scarlett O'Hara, not directly anyway.

Actually, I knew and worked with a girl named Mari-Scarlett who was just a ton of fun, sweet, beautiful, and good-natured, and it confirmed for me that I liked the name Scarlett, so I tucked it away for future use.

The third thing that kind of sealed the deal for me is that my Grandmother Gladys loved the color red, and as a tribute to her (and my own affinity for the color), I made sure she received the name Scarlett.  (Steve wanted to name her Ivy, but I knew the moment she arrived that she was definitely a Scarlett!)

And she has been true to her name "Scarlett True."  True being another family name.
Scarlett is passionate, compassionate, and full of life and has been that way since before she took her first breath.

I recently told Scarlett that her name means "red", so she always says, "That's red for me, because I'm Scarlett," as she chooses red items over other colors whenever she can.

Our Savior Jesus Christ

I also told her that the scriptures say that when Christ returns to the earth in his glory, he will be wearing red.  Now she likes to remind me of that fact, so her name has become a special reminder of not only who she comes from, but who she is to look forward to seeing again some day.  (It's not "maher shalal hash baz", but it's meaningful to us nevertheless!)

Scarlett moved from Nursery to Primary on Sunday (that's what we call the sunday school for children ages 3-11), and I just had to peek in on her between classes.  She was sitting in the front row with all of the other "Sunbeams", proudly wearing an "I Am A Child of God" crown.  The crowns, which were handouts for her lesson, were cut out of various colors of construction paper.     Of course, her crown was red.


  1. How sweet! My son, Erik moved into sunbeams on Sunday as well. He loves and wore his crown around all day on Sunday!

  2. what a cutie, fun to watch them grow up and it happens quickly-believe me...lol!

  3. Oh, how cute! My VERY favorite color is red!

  4. Very Sweet! I am a sunbeams teacher, we had 22 new sunbeams, 18 were there on Sunday and not one tear!!! Oh happy new years!

  5. Wow, Heather! 22 sunbeams!!!!!!!!!!! That is wild and awesome!

  6. She is wonderful! And so is the tag on that blue shirt.


    PS. My youngest grandson is a new sunbeam, too.

  7. Ah ha ha ha. I so, so wanted to name my son Maher Shalal Hash Baz. No, seriously. It would have fit him perfectly. He wreaked havoc on my body while pregnant and is still ...imminently destructive, heehee.

  8. HOw adorable! My little Johanna is a new sunbeam, too!!! WHat exciting times for the 3 year olds!

  9. My new sunbeam Henry wore a crown all day too! I love the universitality (made that word up all on my own.) of our church. :)
    Scarlett is darling and I love her name. Isn't it so fun when kids identify with their name?

  10. Love it. I taught sunbeams for the past two years and just got released to teach relief society. I am discovering there is a big difference!! sounds like she had a totally amazing day!! I love her name. It is beautiful.