Monday, January 10, 2011

When All of My Secrets to Success Will Be Revealed...

Autumn & Steve - Just because I love this photo.
My Relief Society leaders have asked me to teach a Goals Workshop at our Relief Society Meeting this coming Tuesday at 7pm.  So if you are a local friend reading this, please come, and make faces at me from the back row, or whatever you choose.

The theme for my lesson is:

How the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
Can Help You Reach Your Goals

We will discuss:
Gaining a Vision of Who You Are and Who You Want to Be

Appreciating Your Progress and Avoiding Self-Defeating Practices

Allowing the Atonement to Strengthen Your Resolve to Improve

Having a Plan B…and Not Being Afraid to Use It

Acknowledging the Lord In Your Success

Making Your Goals Do Double-Duty

Balancing the Unavoidable, Uncontrollable, and Unforeseeables in Your Future

And as if that's not reason enough to come...there will be an "on-time door prize".  Arrive and enter your name by 6:59pm to be entered to win!  

(Oh, if only a 45 minute goals seminar were as easy to write as a blog post...)

PS - The title for this post is very tongue-in-cheek...My only secret is not a's live according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! :)  (Skadoosh!)

Also of note:  I discovered that I omitted one line from The Family Proclamation in my Family Proclamation ABCs that I shared with you last week. I have made small changes to the letters "E" and "M" to incorporate the missing line.  If you are doing this with your kids, please see the original post for the changes.


  1. would love to come and listen-any possibly of sharing a copy of your presentation with me. I have a great quote I used in a recent RS lesson I'll send your way...

  2. Umm... you will be sharing all of this with us, right? "Secret" or not?

  3. I only wish I could be there to attend! They are going to get the feast of a lifetime! (Or at least, of 2011!)


  4. Good for you! That is awesome - people can learn a lot from you JC. :)

  5. Oh, I wish I could come to this! I'm sure it will be awesome - and sounds like a lot of good messages that I could really use right now. Hope you decide to write some posts on these topics, too! :)

  6. Wish I could come! Post a synopsis -- or could you send me an e-mail of the final product? Would LOVE and appreciate it SOOOO much! Go YOU!!!

  7. I will be sure to post and email it to anyone who wants it! Thanks for your supportive comments!

  8. Yes please post or email ( I found your blog a couple of months ago and LOVE it! I so appreciate all of your ideas and thoughts on how you teach your kids the gospel with so much creativity and enthusiasm and careful effort. Thanks for all your 'tutoring'! It has been so encouraging and given me a lot of clarity and focus.

  9. I wish I lived closer, please post or e-mail, I LOVE to learn from you!