Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Can Help the Children of Japan

Are you interested in helping the people of Japan affected by last week's tsunami?

First of all, you can always donate monetarily to LDS Charities where 100% of the money goes to help the charity of your choice.  Just type "Japan" in the note when you donate online.

Also, reader Juli has pledged to fill a 22-foot trailer with baby blankets to be sent to Japan at the end of this month.  An anonymous donor is covering the cost of shipping to Japan.

If you would like to help her cause by donating finished baby blankets or materials
please contact Juli at

Keep up with how the project is going at her blog.

Thanks for organizing this, Juli!


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  2. Fantastic idea. What I really got on to comment about, though, is your great Easter ideas. I've been pondering how to make Easter more special and more Christ-centered for my family for a while. I've wondered why Christmas is celebrated so well and so long, but Easter (the very reason we have Christmas) is virtually devoid of Christ.
    I never pay attention to sidebars, but I came to check in on your blog tonight and the Easter sidebars caught my eye and held it. Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas of how to celebrate Easter and teach children more about Christ! You've renewed my hope that I can find ways to teach my children what Easter is all about and make it the most special time of the year.

  3. Good ideas on helping the Japanese people...

  4. The women in my community are also making quilts and sending them to Japan. It is a great idea and a way to help that everyone can participate in even if they don't have any money. I love the idea of sending a little love.

  5. I donated. I just posted the same thing today on my blog. Way to go, JOss.

  6. Thanks for reminding me we could donate directly through the Church. I always feel safest about having LDS Charities distribute the funds.