Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My flowers from a hundred cribs will peep, and prance again.

As Children bid the Guest "Good Night" by Emily Dickinson
As Children bid the Guest "Good Night"
And then reluctant turn --
My flowers raise their pretty lips --
Then put their nightgowns on.

As children caper when they wake
Merry that it is Morn --
My flowers from a hundred cribs
Will peep, and prance again. 
 "R" in the Family Proclamation ABCs states that R stands for Relationships, but it also stands for Resurrection:

In The Family: A Proclamation to the World, we read that:
"The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave."
We sent my youngest child in to wake the other two children this morning, and I watched from the hallway as both Guy and Scarlett "rose" straight up in bed simultaneously.  (They were sleeping in the same bed, but with their heads at opposite ends.)
The image of those two sitting straight up in bed and looking around so sleepily and innocently reminded me so much of the Emily Dickinson poem quoted above.  They looked just like little flowers popping out of the "peep, and prance again."  I have loved that poem for such a long time, even before I was married and blessed with children.  
Although I do hope to never have my testimony tried with the death of one of my children, I do believe in this truth, that this life is not the end.  That some day, all of God's children will, like flowers "from a hundred cribs, peep, and prance again,"--thanks to our Savior, Jesus Christ who overcame death through His own resurrection on that sacred Easter morn.


  1. Beautiful poem...but I do agree, I would never desire to have my faith and testimony tried that way. I love the eternal truth that we can be together forever. What a wonderful blessing made possible by our elder brother.

  2. lovely poem, very touching for the Easter season or any time of year....

  3. beautiful. :)

    the sleepy time gal

  4. I love that poem, too. And Emily Dickinson in general. And your thoughts today.