Monday, March 28, 2011

Jesus Christ: Our Standard (Easter Advent Giveaway)

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I'm so happy to introduce you to my friend Jen, a military wife and mother of three boys who are roughly the same ages as my three children.  Jen and I share a common faith in Jesus Christ and a strong desire to teach our children to follow him. 
I hope you enjoy her testimony as much as I do!

Here's Jen!


When I reflect on my childhood celebrations of Easter, one thing stands out to me: 
a distinct lack of Jesus.  As humbling as it is to admit, I did not know the real reason we celebrate Easter or Christmas until I was 18 and began attending church regularly for the first time since I was 5. 

It makes me sad to think about all the things I missed out on and the time I could have spent getting closer to God but, more than that, it strengthens my resolve to teach our children the things I didn't know. 

I get a little overwhelmed when I think about all this includes, there's so much I want them to know. But because my God knows me and loves me, he speaks directly to my heart and calms my fears. He has let me know that, first of all, I'm not alone. He's provided me with a husband so that we can do the job together but, more importantly, He has given me Himself. His Spirit lives inside me and His word is so easily accessible. My prayers for help and wisdom never stop at the ceiling as I sometimes think they do. 

One of my favorite verses is: "For the word of God is alive and active..." (Heb. 4:12) The Word is living! It's not just some book, it's the true Word of God so it is powerful and effective. It produces results! Teaching our children the Word and trusting God that it does what He says it will do is so important. 

Secondly, God has reminded me that children learn better through example. If I live out the faith that I claim to have then I am teaching our children the best way I can. Living obedient to God's will, with joy and hope, because he has overcome the world (1 John 4:4, John 16:33), has such a lasting impact. 

Being a Christ follower in all the day to day decisions as well as the big ones is living out your faith. We want our kids to know Christ, not just on Easter and Christmas, but to know that He is with them everyday. His interactions with people on a daily basis led people to God. What he deemed important is what we should deem important. The fact that he made prayer and communion with the Father a priority should make it a priority for us. Not only is He our Savior but, He is our every day standard.


To make the "stained glass" cross craft that you see above, all you need is wax paper, different colors of tissue paper and an iron. Tear off a sheet of wax paper and arrange small pieces of the tissue paper in whatever way you want. Then put another sheet of wax paper on top, cover it with a paper towel and iron it until the wax paper binds together. Then cut off the extra wax paper. It only takes about 10 minutes! Which is a good thing for my kids =)


Thank you, Jen! That was awesome!  Now time for a giveaway that I'm sure many of you could use to help your families focus on Christ this Easter season!

Pink Easter Basket

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Pink Easter Basket

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  1. Beautiful testimony. It really is our everyday choices and example that will teach our children about Christ.

    How did I not know you could make that craft with tissue paper? That is so much easier than all those crayon shavings melted in wax paper or tissue paper stuck to contact paper.

  2. more great ideas for Easter, I'm so impressed with you young mothers and your efforts...

  3. I visited Activity Banners.

  4. In recent years I too have tried to focus Easter more on Christ. I don't know why it's harder than at Christmas!

  5. Another wonderful post! I was lucky to be raised in a God loving environment, I only hope that I continue to instill the same things in my children as my parents did in me!

  6. Easter to me is one of the happiest holidays because of its true meaning. I am hoping to focus more on Christ in our holiday season this year and for all the year! Thanks for sharing your testimony!

  7. I'm glad that you are giving Easter all of this special attention, Jocelyn. In my childhood, it received short shrift next to Christmas. And that makes no sense, does it?

    Good post from Jen.


  8. Oh, I love this! THank you for the scripture this morning ;) Beautiful craft

  9. I visited the store and I really love the bright colors she has! I don't know which is my favorite. THey are all great.

  10. Thanks for the good reminders about the importance of examples for our children. Several years ago, we decided to have the Easter Bunny come on Saturday so that Easter Sunday could just be about Easter and Christ. It has been a good change.

  11. Jocelyn, thanks for having such a great blog, I gave you an award, go check it out

  12. the Word is alive reminds me of one of my favorite D&C verses reminding us to be 'lively' members.

  13. I just found your blog! And WOW, what a wonderful spiritual re-charge it is.
    I would love to win the easter/scripture advent, This will truly help us focus on our Saviour.

  14. I had no idea they had an Etsy store like this. I like the Missionary farewell banner. I will need one of these soon.

  15. I visited the etsy store - I love the jelly bean prayer poster!

  16. such a simple and meaningful craft. Great job.

  17. I love this craft. My daughter loves easter and I try to tell her about christ as much as I can. Thanks so much. My blog is

  18. Great etsy site. I need to do a banner like this if we dont win one! Thanks

  19. I love what you said that children learn better through example.

    Thanks for sharing all these fun activities, i am getting and learning so many new ideas !