Monday, March 14, 2011

Irish Recipes All Week

I've decided to go Irish all my cooking anyway.

Hopefully having everything planned out and the recipes easy to access will keep me motivated in the kitchen this week...and keep me from having a breakdown over dirty dishes.

Here's what's cookin' in my kitchen this week:
Follow the links below for the recipes.

Monday: (Steve works late.)

After School Snack:  Easy Shortbread


Tuesday:  (Steve works late.)

Dessert:  Green Rice Crispie Treats


Irish Chicken and Dumplings

After school snack:  Shamrock Green Peppers

Thursday: (St. Pattie's Day and I go to the RS Birthday Dinner.)

Green Pancakes, of course

angel hair pasta carbonara

(I'll make enough for Scarlett to take to Preschool for her assigned snack day on Friday.)

Friday:  (I was assigned to make this bacon pie for the RS Training on Saturday...three of them.)


  1. Awesome! It's Irish week at our house too. I'm going to try making lamb stew for the first time.

  2. Oh my goodness to be that organized. Looks like a busy week.

  3. Sure 'n 'tis a delightful bit of menu-plannin' ye've been doin' here, lassie.

    Top o' the mornin' to ye!


  4. awwww. my mom always made that jello and it took forever but it was my favorite.

  5. Just so you know Cammi and I are bringing you dinner on Wednesday. It's not green-well the salad it- so you can eat it or put color in it...or freeze it. So many options! And don't worry about those pesky dishes..we got it covered.

  6. Okay you are so cute. I am so not cute. My kids will be lucky to get Lucky Charms this week.

  7. ok I'm hungry now...that chicken and dumplings, angel hair carbonara and bacon pie sound and look delicious!!!!! Thanks for giving me some ideas for this week's meals =)

  8. What a fun week ahead!

    I served a mission in Ireland and my dad's parents emigrated here in the early 1900's. I love everything Irish :). Don't forget to color your toilet water green! My kids seem to never tire of this tradition and it is so easy! :)

    We always attend the downtown Indy St. Patrick's Day parade. A great way to celebrate the day.

  9. your the organized, aware of each holiday and so creative with each meal too...I personally love those Irish pancakes...they look yummy.

  10. You absolutely rock! Thank you for the good ideas. Crazy busy over here, had plans to think of special St. Pat's day dinners but.. um... well... ya know how that goes. :~)

  11. Yum. That there is some awesome cooking!