Monday, March 7, 2011

Helping Heavenly Father's Children Return to Their Christian Faith

Elder L. Tom Perry gave a wonderful CES Fireside broadcast last night.  I hope you will watch it by following the link or embedded video above.  

Elder Perry asked us to help build up people in their Christian faith, including people who are not members of our church.  He shared a wonderful story about how he and other US Marines who were among the first wave of soldiers to arrive in Nagasaki Japan to help rebuild after WWII, decided, on their own, to rebuild the Christian church buildings during their off-duty time, so that Christian congregations could resume worship there.  

He challenged everyone listening to "Become the next 'Greatest Generation' by assisting our Father in Heaven's children to return to their Christian faith."  

Elder Perry Offers Four Ways to Bring Others Back to Christ:

1.  Daily Prayer - Do it and encourage others to pray to their Father in Heaven.
2.  Daily Scripture Study - 233 of the 239 chapters of the Book of Mormon mention The Savior.
3.  Be Temple-Worthy - By living the gospel standards in our daily lives, your righteous example shows others the way to live to return to Christ.
4.  Daily Acts of Service - Be an example of Christ-like service by serving others daily and by encouraging others to do likewise.

In other news, Steve and I went to the temple this weekend, and it was AWESOME, and wonderful, and worth every effort.  Try to read through Alma 26 today to keep up with our Book of Mormon reading challenge!  We've earned ourselves a little snow day today with what looks like 10 inches of snow on our driveway...I think some crafting is in order...


  1. You and I are on the same page today in our posting. It was a great fireside, wasn't it?


  2. Thank you for sharing! My husband's brothers are all inactive and this will be a great motivator for the two of us. I plan on watching it tonight for FHE.

  3. I love Elder Perry, he is such an inspring man.

  4. I too, love Elder Perry. His messages are always just what I need to hear.