Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Bunny's Easter Surprise: Bunny T-shirts

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She looks happy, no?




I saw these bunny tees online and just had to make some for my kids.
They're so easy to make.  You just paint them on.
You can find a free pattern here.

I paired this craft/Easter gift with this sweet little book called "Little Bunny's Easter Surprise" by Jeanne Modesitt.  The illustrations, by Robin Spowart, are just so warm.  I love how well the artist communicates family love, both through the plot and through the interactions of the bunny family in the pictures.  In every picture, the individual bunnies are turned toward one another in such an affectionate way.  Here's one of my favorite pages:

The whole family is so engaged with each other.  It's a nice subliminal reminder to express love toward members of our families, by hugging, smiling, listening, caring, and just being attentive.  I'd love to have a print of this particular image to hang in my home as a reminder of this desire that I have to be attentive--with my eyes, my arms, my hands, and my heart.

The story is a very simple and beautiful illustration of how to find simple ways to love others...especially in the home.  It also shows that even a child can add so much love to the family and the world just by thinking of and serving others--the way that Christ did.  

The story takes place on Easter morning.  After the children finish finding their baskets (and thanking their parents for their treats), sister bunny announces that she has hidden baskets and treats for her brother and parents too.  All are delighted to be sent out on another egg hunt, and sister's thoughtfulness makes everyone in the family feel loved and appreciated.  

When sister bunny goes to sleep that night, she is already thinking about what she'll do to surprise her family next Easter.  As she lays her head down to sleep, she discovers that brother bunny has left her a special gift under her pillow.  And so the pattern of giving and loving others is repeated in the younger sibling who has clearly watched his sister's example.

It seems like we hear these kinds of stories illustrating "the joy of giving" mainly in Christmas storybooks, so I appreciate that someone has recognized that giving, sharing, serving, loving can (and should) also be associated with the Easter holiday and it's springtime traditions and fun extracurriculars!

And I am so pleased with how happy this little bunny shirt (which we're using as a dress) has made my baby girl today.  I love you, Scarlett!  (PS - Scarlett painted the eyes on her bunny shirt...She came down in the morning and found the shirts, which had been laid out to dry she picked up the paintbrush and finished the job...What a talented painter I have on my hands!)

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  1. what sweet photos-did your son like his too? fun idea

  2. That is adorable! Those illustrations are so soft and warm- I just want to hug those little bunnies:)

  3. She did a great job with the eyes! And those "dresses" are beyond cute (as are your girls).

    Thanks to you, I just finished an Easter story poem for my grandkids, went to Blurb, and had a book made which I will send them for Easter. You are a good influence on me...


  4. she is so proud and you can tell by her big grin she is very happy.

  5. I have looked up someof your easter books, can you tell me why Petook easter story book is going for over a $100!! YIKES!!

  6. Tara - It's just that good, I guess! :) Guess you'll just have to get it from the library like we did!

  7. Those are phenomenal!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE those shirts!

  8. Love the shirts - and the story. I think I'll have to check that one out. My kids could use the reminder about the joy of giving.

  9. I love the bunny shirt, and how simple it is. That greatly increases the chances of my making one for my munchkins!