Friday, March 11, 2011

What Would You Do?

It's Friday night.
My husband is going to be home late.

And I've got these bad-boys staring me in the face:

You can't imagine how badly I would like to dump these dishes into the trash can right now and start over.

Do you think I could just throw a table cloth over it 
and take the kids to McDonald's for dinner?


What else is going on over here?

The usual: painting and drawing mythical monsters and such.


At least I've got a pan of these due out of the oven soon.
Who needs dinner when you've got hot rolls to munch on?

I hope you are enjoying an equally thrilling night in your corner of the world...
minus the dishes! :)



  1. McDonalds all the way!! So sorry bout the dishes. Wish I could come over and get them done for you. Hope you get better soon so you can do what you want/need.
    And the plus side of McDonalds...they have Shamrock shakes right now! WootWoot!

  2. McDonalds! I used to throw dirty dishes into the oven. I don't do that anymore after forgetting about them and then ruining them when I turned on the oven! Oops!

  3. Ha! Gotta hate the dirty dishes staring you down, not fun.

    My advice - put them all on a towel on the floor (or counter). Run hot soapy water in the left side of the sink and put dishes in to soak. Set the timer for 10 minutes and relax until it goes off. Then wash those dishes and put the next batch in to soak. Take another 10 minutes to relax, then wash again. Repeat as needed.

    As for McDonalds - we do that occasionally too, though we're trying not to do it more than every 6 weeks or so. I've been learning about their foods and it's a great motivator to pass on it all!

  4. ACTUALLY,I don't really want to eat there myself! McD's is gross, but we don't have that many restaurant options around here that are kid-friendly or otherwise! Actually I do have a great dinner to reheat...from a meal exchange I am in. I just tend to freeze up in the kitchen when there are nasty old dirty dishes to be done. It's my kryptonite!

  5. I say eat the rolls for dinner- give everyone a glass of milk and it should count as a meal! I can't do much in the kitchen when there are dishes in the sink either. never thought of just covering them up though. I wonder if that would work over here?

  6. I say milk the disabled thumb angle and get a dishwasher from the hubby! :) I milked the pregnant angle in the summer till hubby bought me AC!

    Milk it hunny, milk it! :)

  7. All I would need with those rolls is some non-dairy milk and a napkin...that should do it...yummy!

  8. Oh, I hate dishes, that is why I had teenage girls!! Seriously, I would take one day off. You will have to do them tomorrow, but sometimes a little break is just what you need. Those rolls look amazing.

  9. Your hot rolls are jeopardizing my sugar fast.


  10. Leave the dishes! Tomorrow is another day! I left my dishes and I am now half way through them and it's almost noon. Oh well!

    And those rolls look delicious...I might finish cleaning just to bake something!

  11. Yea, you have to let some things slide when you become a mom. I vote for the cin. rolls for dinner.

  12. You can throw a table cloth over the dishes and face them another day. Because I've already read the next post I think that is super sweet! Best in your recovery. It's no fun to be restricted.

    And I agree McDs rolls my stomach. And it's a little too children friendly....I call it germ land.