Thursday, March 17, 2011


My St. Pattie's Day gift to you, my lovely friends...a Giveaway from the Etsy shop Modern Verses.
Go and Do 8 x 10 Modern Art Print
This print is my favorite:  Go & Do...decisive, don't you think?

But she's got all kinds of modern LDS designs that I think you'll love...
God So Loved The World 8 x 10 Modern Print
Knit Together in Love 8 x 10 Modern PrintBy Their Fruits 8 x 10 Modern Art Print
Light and Truth 8 x 10 Modern PrintHello, Hello 8 x 10 Modern Art Print

To be entered to win do any of the following:

1.  Place my "We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ" button on your blog, and leave your blog address in the comment.  (See below for the button code.)

We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ

2.  Check out Modern Verses Etsy shop & tell me which print you'd choose.

3.  Be a follower of my blog.

4.  Leave me a limerick...a clean one....bonus points if it contains both my name and your name...or a quote from one of Modern Verses' shop or just something funny about being Mormon!  Let's have us a good laugh today, why not?

Please leave separate comments for each entry.

I will announce the winner on Sunday night...or thereabouts.

And I'll be back on Monday with my fun plans for celebrating Easter with my kids and more info about our Easter blog party, so be sure to check back!


  1. I like the Good and Do. I also like the Families are Forever with the infinity sign (my husband is a mathematician :)

  2. I follow your blog on google reader! I love it!

  3. Wow! Those are very neat. I think I like Go and Do best.

  4. I follow your blog with GFC.

  5. I added your button to my blog.

  6. My limerick:

    A homeschool mom is so busy.
    Teaching until she gets dizzy.
    Take time to play
    with your children each day.
    Thats how you'll enjoy all the tizzy!

  7. I love the one that says as for me and my house.

  8. You know I've got that button on my blog!! :)

  9. i added the thingy to my blog..the button

  10. go and do is my favorite...I think. I like KNIT together in Love only because I knit and like the comparison between the different knit stitches with friendship but I prefer the first.

  11. There once was a girl from PA
    Who loved her new friend TamAY
    They were both Mormon you see
    Who didn't drink tea
    They formed a bond right away

    OK...I tried. A for effort?

  12. There once was a Mom with a daughter named J
    Who thought running around naked was A-OK
    From the tub she would run
    through the door with bare bun
    Til the neighbor would show her home the right way.

    PS...uh,,,hi shawn...that's added by dad.

  13. I posted your button on my blog!!


  14. My favorite print is the 'Be of Good Cheer' - Sometimes it is nice for the reminder! :)


  15. I am a follower:)


  16. There once was a Dad with a daughter named J
    An honor student, A+ all the way
    She attended Miami
    Did it with a Whammee
    And still is that girl today.

  17. Charity Never Faileth- I was just reminded of how powerful that motto is and what a source of strength it is to Relief Society Sisters. I would choose that print.

  18. I follow your blog! :-) I have been for quite a little while now on Google Reader.

  19. I love the "Charily Never Faileth" print. I also like "Be of Good Cheer" and "That They Might Have Joy"

  20. Your button is up at

  21. I love it when you share things like this! I usually don't ever think of looking for things like this online, and when I find someone who posts them, they are always gems! How fun!
    I looked, and they are all so good, its hard to choose just one. The one that really caught my attention first was the "Peace Be Still" one. Love it!!

  22. And! I'm a follower! Of course ;-)

  23. I like Be Of Good Cheer, and Charity Never Faileth.

  24. I am a new follower to your blog. :) Came over from Tip Junkie.

  25. There once was a dad named Steve
    A leprechaun he did peeve.
    "no gold for you
    and now you're blue,
    Cuz a hedge fund is all I leave."

  26. There once was a boy named Guy
    Who thought he was very sly
    on the green he did jump
    til he fell in a lump
    after a leprechaun he did fly

  27. Scarlett was a girl who wore red
    A wee man hid under her bed
    She awoke with a start
    Cried right from the heart
    "St. Paddy Day's the best", she said

  28. there once was a girl named Autumn
    a leprechaun she thought she had got 'im
    He gave her some gold
    and then left the fold
    But she had wished that she had caught him

  29. Robert's Irish family had a goat
    It died and they only had one coat
    The looked at their life
    And saw only strife
    So to America they came by boat

  30. Susan's grandmother was very British
    The Irish made her skittish
    for men of Erin
    she had no carin'
    But the Brits she truly did cherish

  31. My blog address is Thanks

  32. I love the God so loved the world picture. Thanks

  33. There lives a wee lass so tremendous
    that on Facebook we'd want her to friend us.
    Loved by more than a few,
    Jocelyn's blog is great, too!
    (Grannysue rates her more than stupendous.)

    Happy St. Patty's Day, Jocelyn!


  34. I really like the, "Your faith hath made thee whole"

    I think just because I told that scripture story to my kids recently. Faith is so powerful

  35. I like the 16x20 one where there are multiple images on one poster

  36. Got the button! So excited :)

  37. I love the rainbow style Be of Good Cheer poster -- I need that reminder in my house most days :)

  38. And I'm a follower.

    PS - I'll come back when I can think of a good limerick. :)

  39. I love the Go and DO print. It's my favorite.

  40. I loved so many of these I can't choose. I like the graphics of "Go and Do" but I really like "Abide with me tis eventide" Can't choose just one

  41. I love the "as for me and my house" print!!!! She is so talented. My blog is I can't think of a limerick! But my son was having a discussion at school the other day with a couple of his friends telling them all about when Jesus is going to come again. They said he was wrong and he told them to go read the Bible! Duh people, it's in there!...I wonder what they would have said if he said go read the B of M...Also his kindergarten teacher called him "The Preacher" because one of the little girls in his class said Jesus died on Easter and he went on to tell her that she was wrong and told her the whole story...Those really aren't funny but they are about being Mormon and they remind that my child is a better missionary than I am...AHHH! Why do I ramble so much!!! One more thing I forgot to say: I am going to follow you right now!!! I already read your blog all the time...not sure why I never became a follower!

  42. So cute :) I would pick the Hello Hello one!

  43. There are a lot of funny limericks. I'm not witty. It looks like your sweet Mom got right in writing one for everyone.

    oh - btw - I follow.

  44. I like the picture with the hearts of the children and their fathers. I like trees. A rarity around here.

  45. A limerick is a fun trick
    That Wendy's trying to lick
    Since it's Jocelyn's game
    I'm trying to aim
    To not make this limerick sick.

    Ha! Kind of funny. That's what happens late at night.

  46. Button added to both blogs. Does that count as 2 entries?

    Just kidding. I'm good with one.