Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Dream Came True...

Some people want to see their name in lights...

However, I've always wanted to see my name on the back of a Pyrex dish...

and now I do, thanks to the local Relief Societies who put on a fun Super Saturday!

And don't you think this is great?

Wouldn't it be cool to just have a few of these in each ward 
that get passed around as we bake for those among us who need a meal?  



  1. That is the cutest gift idea, ever! And I'm coveting one for myself, too. I hope this makes its way around to OUR Relief Society, because I'd make one. Even though I am the anti-craft.


  2. I would also love that! Our stake doesn't allow super saturday;( boooo

  3. yes...teach your Mom so she can teach us...Yeah!

  4. I've loved Super Saturday's in the past, but with the change in the purpose of Relief Society meetings, I suppose we will no longer be having these activities. I made a beautiful pie plate for my brother and his new bride 4 yrs ago with their names and "for eternity" on it. They love it! Darn-why didn't I make one for myself?

  5. Oh wow! That totally pwns what we did this year! (In fact I went last night, yes we do Friday nights for some reason, and I spent the bulk of the night editing photos because the crafts just weren't up my alley.

  6. What an awesome idea! Is it hard?

  7. seriously, how do you do it? I am "enrichment leader" i know that isn't the proper name but I want to know how so I can teach my ladies. Could you please send some love my way.