Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pretty Pilgrim Bonnet

Remember back in August when I was prepping to send my oldest off to Preschool?

Well, he went without a problem...and so did my second oldest!
(That's a story for another day...)

Anyway, they LOVE it!  (No surprise there.)

I went to their first preschool program yesterday, and it was such a joy to watch them perform their Thanksgiving songs for us.

Guy surprised me by singing louder than anyone else...and by being the only kid to do a full-- and very gracious--bow for the audience after each and every song!  (He's definitely my son!)

Scarlett lead her class in and out and smiled brightly as she demonstrated that she knew every word and every hand-motion by heart.  (That's my girl!)

I could not have been more proud!

Autumn also joined in from the audience--calling out "Guy!" every once in a while to get him to wave.  And the kids did an encore performance for my husband during FHE, so the whole family had a chance to partake.

You'll notice Scarlett is wearing this cuter-than-cute paper pilgrim hat.

If you'd like to make one, I found the pattern here.

(I'm assuming that her teacher made the boy hats from this pattern.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Be Safe.

Be Happy.

Be Blessed.



  1. how sweet, I remember those days when I taught first grade...lol!

  2. Your kids are so darling. They look happy, Jocelyn. And their faces just glow with it.


  3. She is so sweet and happy in her little bonnet. So cute.

  4. i love the bonnet!!!!!!!! i've been wanting to do that as well!