Friday, November 12, 2010

Handprint Turkeys & Giveaway Winner

This is what I did with the kids this morning, instead of doing the mound of dishes (etc., etc., etc.,) that I have waiting for me.  We're going to send them to some loved ones who we can't be with this Thanksgiving.  If you'd like to do this too, you can find the poem that we used here.  (Oops, I just noticed that I forgot to add the beak and legs, so I just went back and added that!)

Now to announce the winner of the Thanksgiving party poster.   

Thanksgiving Party on a Poster-POP

I received a lot of really great entries and it was cool reading what you are all thankful for.
It was very uplifting for me to read.
Thank you!

Now the winner is...

Holly of Rope 'em In

My Photo
who said:

"I am thankful for ten years in the beginning of eternity with my Ben."

Congratulations Holly...(and Ben!)

Holly, you get your choice of either the Party on a Poster or the Tree of Gratitude.
Please email me with your preference and contact info!

Thanks to everyone who entered!
And thank you to Activity Banners for providing this giveaway!
Go check out her stuff...she also has a Christmas Party on a Poster in her shop!

Speaking of Christmas...
My Santa's Helper Giveaway is still going on.  I will continue to accept entries until the last day of November, and I will announce the winner of the $130 to spend on a family in need on December 1st.  Good luck!

Have a great weekend!


  1. cute thanksgiving ideas as always...

  2. Congrats to the winner!

    And I cracked up when you said you had gone back to add beaks, etc. I kept looking at those Thanksgiving turkeys of yours and wondering what wasn't quite right about them...But I just couldn't put my finger on it.



  3. Congratulations to my beautiful cousin Holly!

  4. Are you sure it's Holly not Cherry? It rhymes yah know! hahahaha...Congrats to the winner!!