Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Quilt That Almost Wasn't

I finally finished this Christmas quilt that I started five years ago!

(I think I hear angels singing back-up for me on this one!)

I chose the colors and designed it myself, and I am very proud of that.

But mostly I'm just proud that I didn't give up on it, because, although it gave me trouble at nearly every step of the way, I am so happy with how beautiful it turned out in the end.  And I very nearly did throw out the fabric just a few weeks ago, but I decided to give it one last big effort...and voila!

This is now my favorite quilt of all the quilts that I have made.
(I'm giving it to someone for Christmas, so I had to take lots of pictures to remember it by!)

This quilt is also kind of symbolic of the way that 2010 has been for me.

I have struggled and wrestled with things.
I have had to re-cut, remeasure, and reaffirm my beliefs.
I have had to find the strength to try again, to stand on not just my own merits, but also on His merits.  I have had to search inside for the strength to stand by my own testimony of Christ and His divine design for families, even when others have not supported or have misunderstood my efforts.

Now that this year is nearly behind me, I can stand back and look at what I have accomplished with the Lord's help.  I can see how the choices that my husband and I have made have brought a lot of peace and happiness into the lives of our children.

We have worked hard together.  We have learned to serve others more as a way of life.
I have poured my heart and my soul into each and every day of 2010, even when it was a very big struggle to do give 110% of myself, but I did.

And the result is turning out to be ever so beautiful.

I am thankful for that.


  1. you look happy and satisfied and so do your beautiful children. well done!

  2. What an amazing quilt you have made...And your "family quilt" is pretty wonderful, too.


  3. that quilt is absolutely beautiful. You did a wonderful job.

  4. How lovely! It's absolutely beautiful :)

  5. What a beautiful design and colors! Maybe I can finish a quilt that has been sitting in my closet too! If I could just put my mind and efforts on it:) Thanks for your example you truly are inspriring!

  6. Congrats! I am also working on a quilt that is given me tons of grief...making me think I am not a good seamstress. I am hoping for an end like yours. :) It looks amazing!

  7. Hey Sweetie! Oh. My. Goodness. That is beautiful, how will you ever part with it? It is an amazing gift, though, one that will be cherished, I am sure!

    Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Oh, I love it. It is amazing! You did a wonderful job!!

  9. Wow, what a beautiful quilt! I love the red color scheme and the pattern - well done!

  10. I'm thankful 2010 brought me across your path. Well done on the quilt! My mom and sisters are quilters, and picking out the fabric can be the MOST daunting part for me!!! you did a beautiful job!

  11. That quilt is beautiful! And way to go on finishing a project!!! Hurrah!

    I'm falling in love with your blog the more I read through... thanks for letting me know about it. And? THANK YOU for the ornament! It is so simple and it touched me. I don't know if you meant for it to be symbolic besides the creche but it just reminded me how if we strip away all the materialism of Christmas, the true Spirit of Christmas can shine.

    Thank you - truly.

  12. Oh Jocelyn, this is so very beautiful! There is a lucky person out there that gets to claim it as their own.
    So pretty!