Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Next Guest Blogger is...YOU!

I've realized in the last year or so that I really seem to have a thing for the number 30.

Evidence #1:  The Family Proclamation lessons that I did every day for 30 days with my children back in January called "30 Days for the Family" was an awesome experience.
30 amazing days that I will never forget.
(You should do this!)

Evidence #2:  My original Service Boot Camp where I attempted to serve someone every day for a whole month back in February...life-changing.  (Ok, technically, that was 28 days, but 28 was enough!  That was hard!)

But now I am suddenly realizing that 30 is not my friend this September, because 30 days in September is just not enough time to discuss all of the wonderful points of doctrine, to hear from all of the excellent guest bloggers that I'd like to invite to write for us.  

I want MORE DAYS!!

I had actually reserved a few days for myself to blog in September, but I kept thinking of wonderful bloggers and discovering amazing testimonies that I wanted shared on my blog during the family proclamation celebration, so I just went ahead and gave my spots away to a few more awesome bloggers.

And they have totally come through for me.

The posts are just incredible. 

There is no other way to describe them.

And they have made my job that much harder trying to organize it all, because they are all equally awesome.  How do I choose what goes where?

Just so you know...I will be trying to publish the posts in the same order as the topics that are discussed in the Proclamation.

I tell you this, because I want you to be ready to play along...to post right along with us -- 

You see, I might only have 30 days worth of "airtime" on my blog...but you, my friends, also have 30 days worth...and the other blog girlfriend over there has 30 days...

(or as much as possible...even a few days is great!)...
then that sorta solves my dilemma now doesn't it?

(So much housekeeping to do when all that I really want to do is bear testimony of eternal families after reading this post by CK at Bedtime Tales...Send her a little love, won'tcha?)

Anyway, where will you get your inspiration to write these many wonderful posts on The Proclamation?  You will read the guest posts here and at Chocolate each day.   Surely something someone says between our two blogs will stir up something within you...even a small tidbit of a testimony, that you can share with your own readers.

Need more inspiration?
-focus your FHEs on the Family Proclamation in September and share what you do together
-find quiet times to talk to you children about your beliefs on family
-memorize (or re-memorize) the Family Proclamation together
-Give a copy of the Family Proclamation to a friend
-Do one or all of the lessons that I have put together on the FP
-Simply make it a priority to spend A LOT of quality time together in September and let us know how this affected your family!

Then blog about it, and when you do, please link back to a specific post (if you can) so that YOUR POST will SHOW UP ON MY BLOG in the "links to this post" section.  Then other party-goers can read what you wrote each day too!

Also , remember to LINK-UP YOUR POSTS every WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY in special link-up sections that you will find at the end of that day's post.

(More housekeeping!  Bleh!)

Also of note:  The weekly-themed link-up parties are going to be fabulous, because you will make them so!

The schedule of themes is as follows:
Week 1:  Photos inspired by the Proclamation
Week 2:  Crafts inspired by the Proclamation
Week 3:  Sharing the Proclamation
Week 4:  FHEs about the Proclamation

Enter the link-up parties by blogging about the themes and linking up each Monday.

I will give out prizes for the themed link-up parties and PARTY FAVORS for people who blog and COMMENT each day...so COMMENT...A LOT.  

Not just for the prizes, but because you have a lot to share with the world.

Yeah.  You do.  And I can already hear those wheels turning...See you tomorrow!



  1. good for you, organizing the whole blogging world to focus on the family proclamation next month which is tomorrow. I will add some posts on my blog. In fact I had a dream last night about my grandma that I'll mention. Thanks for the encouragement....

  2. I am so darn excited! Imagion the change that this will inspire. Just think of the people that will read even just one person's blog, then see that there is a group of people that feel the same way. It really is a snowball effect that I really hope will continue throughout the year. (and into the next, and the next...) I look forward to tomorrow!

  3. I'm still so amazed you are putting this whole thing together! What an undertaking!

  4. I am so excited for this! I went to the Distribution Center today and grabbed some free copies of the Proclamation. I'm glad you don't mind us blogging about it too. I want to help spread the word! I just love you!

  5. You're such a great lady. I love your faith driven posts and projects. They inspire me to do better. Thank you for the sweet compliment you left me on my blog the other day.

  6. Thanks so much! I love this blog! And I love your story of Job, too. Thanks.

  7. I started with our FHE this week about the Proclamation. We read it the entire way through. My kids get to teach next week.