Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have an imagination...I just can't remember where I put it.

I have an imagination.

It's somewhere deep inside this Mommy brain and heart of mine.

I think it's squeezed somewhere between my thoughts on doing dishes and paying bills, but it's there...somewhere. 

And I'm going to find it again...sometime between now and August 21st.

Because that's the day that FawnDear is having her 2nd annual "Second Star To The Right" Party...and I want to join in her fun.

FawnDear is just lovely.  

She creates magic for the children in her life by doing amazing things like creating a Fairy message service through this fairy door that she installed at her local park recently:

Summer 578

Hold up:  What does that say?

Summer 534

That sounds about right.  And if Albert Einstein said it, it must be true. :)

Here are the children exploring the magic of FawnDear's creation, tucked into a quiet area of the park:

IMG_1589 (4)

And here are the letters the children left for the fairy:

The fairy has even responded to all of these dear sweet letters...I guess that is why her name is FawnDear!  What a dear woman!

So what do you think, will you join me for this blog party of August 21st?
All I need to do now is think of something magical and imaginative to pursue between now and then with my family...and blog about it.

Go, go, gadget-imagination.

Oh yeah, that's right, I've misplaced mine.

Until I find it...can I borrow yours?


  1. your imagination is alive and well...enjoy your blog immensely. I'm going to write my next book for children on how to write poems...

  2. Lin, I love that! I LOVED writing poetry as a child and still do it when I have time!

  3. I think Einstein should have said, "imagination is more important than dishes". Spend the day dreaming, sistah. I promise, the dishes will wait;D

  4. there's that awesome fairy door I want. I believe in fairies.

    Ijust never had imagination of the creative kind. I have the imagination that thinks up things that might happen, never does, but I am ready with a fast retort should they.

  5. My kids, especially my girls, would be completely enamored with such a charming little door. What a wonderfully sweet lady. :)

  6. By the way, I think your imagination is alive and well and your blog is living proof of it. :)

  7. Oh, I love FawnDear's idea of a fairy message service. And that door is beyond cute.


    (And I agree with Lara that your imagination is very much present!)


  8. That fairy door is truly a magical thing! I love it! Good luck finding your imagination....my runs off of others creativity and imaginations!

  9. What a sweet little gift for the kids in her neighborhood!

  10. That is so charming. Your children will remember this with a smile!

  11. oh, we have plenty of notes to fairies here...

    the pokemon fairy
    the mint fairy
    the gum fairy

    you name it, the kids want it...they write a note to that fairy. of course, I tell them that some of these fairies are very rare and it takes a while for that fairy to arrive to tend to their requests! haha...

    we love fairies.

    and we had a fairy house in our woods...looked sort of like a bird house...but it wasn't...it was for fairies!