Monday, August 23, 2010

A Quiet Book ePattern Giveaway

The Monster Album - ePattern for a Child's Quiet Book

In honor of reaching 100 friends on my 
We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ
I am giving away an epattern for one of these
adorable quiet books
made by CopyCrafts on Etsy!

Go to my FB page (follow the link above) and become a "fan".
Visit CopyCrafts Etsy Shop.

Then leave a comment ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE telling me which quiet book epattern you'd like and leave a second comment on my FB page telling me you are a follower.
You will get a third entry when you leave a comment on my FB page telling me what you love about the Family Proclamation.

ALSO:  I've decided to give you EXTRA ENTRIES

You can get extra entries in THAT giveaway by leaving me a comment on that post telling me what aspect of the Proclamation you'd like to hear about in September!

Too confusing?  I hope not!

The Monster Album - ePattern for a Child's Quiet Book


  1. great ideas, you are full of creative energy...

  2. For my husband to maintain his employment, we've been asked not to have FB. Too bad that I can't join the giveaway. It looks darling.

  3. Okay, so I THINK I entered, but I don't know if I entered in the right page.

    I'm totally FB illiterate.

  4. Ack! What if I'm not on Facebook?!

  5. I am not on FB, so I am just going to have to buy it (and I don't even have kids to make it for...) and so when my dh comes home and asks why...I will just point him here! :) I totally blame you. ha ha ha ha