Monday, August 9, 2010

You Voted, I Won!

It's official!
My "Shake, Rattle & Match" game reigned supreme 
at the Iron Crafter competition last week.  

Thank you for voting for me!!  

They will be announcing the next competition later today, if you'd like to join in!

Now I get to pick out an apron from as my prize.
(Flirty + Aprons = Awesome!)

These are the three that I am considering.

~Please let me know which one you like best!~

1.  Luscious Lemons
2. Sassy Black
3. Blue Chocolate


  1. congrats I like the black one-so cute!

  2. Congrats!! Blue Chocolate is SO cute!!

  3. Congrats! And good luck making up you mind on which cute apron to get! : )

  4. I think I like the Sassy Black. It would go with anything.

  5. Hurray!

    Blue Chocolate . . . but that was a given coming from me, right?

  6. Congrats on winning.
    I love the sassy black one But the blue chocolate is a close second.

  7. You so deserved to win. Blue Chocolate is my fav.

  8. Congratulations! It's a tie for me between the black and the blue chocolate. Good luck choosing!

  9. basic black and pearls...i go for the sassy black one. blue chocolate isn't bad, but seems to be the in colors and i don't always think IN is better.

    But am so glad you won. You should have. Many were fine, the fairy door was the one I would love to have ahd....but yours was tops.

  10. The fairy door was incredible...I wonder if she would custom make one for us Lewisburgers?

  11. Tickled Pixie Pink that you'll be joining my Second Star Adventure. Can't Wait.

  12. Congrats!! So happy you won!

    I'd go for the sassy black! Woohoo!!

  13. Congrats! That's so awesome! I really like the blue chocolate one =)

  14. I love your blog sooooooo much! I own the Luscious Lemons and the Sassy Black! I'd have to say that the black one is always a safe bet if you only have one apron. Thanks for your wonderful and inspiring thoughts on here!