Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love for The Family Proc & PARTY FAVORS FOR YOU

The Family Proclamation Celebration is just five days away!

Are you feeling it?

Are you feeling the excitement of:
60 guest bloggers
100's of your posts on the proclamation
Weekly, themed link-up parties with lots of incredible prizes???

And all of this goodness is a result of our dear Cocoa taking a dream and running with it!  I am so glad that she asked me to team up with her.
I am honored to be her "junior companion" in this adventure!

Do I seem nervous and giddy on here lately?

Well, I am.  
It's how I get just before the first guest arrives at my house for a party.  I'm thinking:
Have I done everything?  
Will the food turn out?  
Will people mingle and talk?
Will there be laughter?
Will my guests come and have a good time?  
What if no one comes?

Then the doorbell rings!

That blessed sound makes me jump every time!
(Am I the only one who jumps when the doorbell rings right before a party?)

They've come!  Yay!

Who will make the first joke?  
Who will tell a fun story?
Who will sit on their plate? (I have done that before.)
What memories will we make together?

I love having friends and loved ones celebrating in my home.  
It's a special thing--being together--there's nothing like it.

Well this time around, I'm inviting all of YOU into my online home.  
It's a special thing to me...having you all here with me.  It truly is.  
And celebrating truths about the Family together makes it that much more awesome.

I hope that you will feel comfortable here.  
I hope that you will feel loved and happy here and filled by the Spirit that I hope resides here in my little blog home away from home.  I hope that you will come ready to CELEBRATE and have fun.  And I know that all of my guests will be polite and careful with each other.  I hope that when you leave, you will leave rejuvenated and ready to strengthen and enjoy your own homes even more than before.

So, I guess it's time to let you in on a little secret or two about next month.

Let's start with THE LIST of talented women who will be guest blogging about
The Proclamation & The Family
for our reading pleasure:

They're crafty.  They're courageous.  
They're sassy.  They're fun.

And they believe in Family, just like you...

Let me know if any of these names ring a bell:

Becky of Pensievity

Misty of Creative Itch


Mariel of Or So She Says

Tamarynn of Sew Dang Cute

Kristin of See Me Visit Teach

Margot of Old School

Margot Hovley

Jackie of House of Sarager

Linda of See Mom Smile


Somer of Rainy Day Wren

Tristi of Tristi Pinkston

(and others...tune in to see who!)

Whew!  Now there's a list for you!

Here's another fun SECRET 
(sssshh!  Don't tell anyone...ok, fine, tell everyone!)

In addition to the weekly themed link-up prizes, I've gathered prizes...
for people who comment and post about the Family Proclamation throughout the month.

To enter:
1.  COMMENT AWAY on your favorite posts on my blog each day...

2.  BLOG ABOUT THE FAMILY PROCLAMATION as much as you'd like during the month and leave another comment linking to your SPECIFIC posts.  Link back to us in your post, please so others can join the party!

3.  VISIT COCOA and TELL ME what you liked about her guest post that day, add your two cents, and keep the dialog about FAMILY going, going, going!

It's that simple!

At the end of September, I will choose the PARTY FAVOR winners randomly from all of the comments left on all of the posts.

Here are a few of the party favors that could be yours!

Family Proclamation Celebration
Daily Comment/Blogging
Birthday Countdown- balloons
Birthday Countdown Blocks

Fabric Covered Book of Mormon - Pocket Scriptures
Fabric Covered Book of Mormon - Pocket-sized

2010 Primary Theme - 5x7 Print
2010 Primary Theme Print
by Jot & Tittle

Family for Time and  Eternity vinyl lettering wood mini-sign READY TO SHIP

Wood Sign

11x14 Print of this Pecan Orchard Photo

2010 Mutual Theme Blocks Kit
2010 Mutual Theme Blocks Kit

Small Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
Small Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

LDS Children's Little Church Book
Personalized LDS Church Book
Expandable LDS Temple Tote with outside pocket (Black and White Houndstooth)

Expandable LDS Temple Tote ePattern (2 Winners)




Start thinking about what YOU can contribute to the party/discussion on Family.
(Everyone has a story to tell.)

And be ready to blog, comment & link-up!

I will be back on Monday to announce the winners of the RSVP Giveaway!
(You still have time to enter...Friday is the last day!)


  1. Wahoo!!!! Great line up of guest bloggers, Jocelyn! And fun prizes too. I'm getting giddy with excitement and anticipation for September to start.

  2. This is shaping up to be a HUGE deal!! How do you find the time and energy to do it? Looks wonderful. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. There she goes-the energizer bunny-let me know when you want my post. I'm still working on it-how long and photos? Thanks for using my new hair color photo to advertise my blog. Good work! Glad I can be part of it.

  5. Oh I am SO stoked! This sounds SO fun and so motivating! I used to have the entire Proclamation memorized and I would recite it to myself every night as I fell asleep. Maybe I should use this month to rekindle that ability! Thank you SO much for doing this! I think this sounds absolutetly great!! And, I think I knew about 5-6 of those awesome ladies!!!

    -Sitstah CK

  6. I'm so excited. Yet another reason September can't come fast enough.

    Wow. CK. You should get a prize for having it memorized!

  7. i'm nervous. but i agree...the woman who memorized OUGHT to get a prize right off if she refreshes that memory. THAT's putting The Family into action in her head/heart.

  8. Have I mentioned lately how totally AWESOME you are?

  9. Yahoo!! I am very excited about this!! You ladies are awesome!