Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Are the Truths of The Family Proclamation New?

Welcome to the first day of our month-long party
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The time has finally come to 

Let me introduce you to our very first guest blogger, my friend Margot (and her "little" family!)  You might know Margot as The Damsel in Dis Dress who shares nuggets of wisdom and lessons on self-reliance from days of yore on her Old School blog .  In Old School, you will learn things like how to make brown sugar in a pinch, and the reasons why time-honored traditions like family dinners together at the table should never go out of style!  I am hoping that by having her guest post first, she'll move me to the head of the class and stop making me bang erasers after school!  :)

Now, let's give a warm welcome (and our full attention) to the Damsel!

Jocelyn has asked the Damsel to write a little about how The Proclamation on the Family is full of good, old fashioned stuff.

(Click here to read the entire proclamation)

The Damsel is excited to oblige, because old-fashioned is what she's all about. Let's start with a list of things the Proclamation talks about:
  1. People are created in God's image.
  2. The first commandment God gave Adam and Eve pertained to creating a family. Adam and Eve: that's really way back.
  3. We believe in the sanctity of life. Not a new concept.
  4. It's our job to love and care for each other and our children. No one would dispute the old-fashioned goodness of this idea.
  5. The family unit is God's idea, and it's the way he wants us to live.
  6. Happiness is achieved when living in harmony with Jesus Christ's teachings.
  7. People ought to own up to their responsibilities to their families. God will hold them accountable for this. 
The Damsel doesn't see anything brand new here. It's all good stuff, time-tested, and our grandparents would have thought, well, duh, that's obvious.

Sometimes, "old" doesn't mean broken down, worn out, or weak with age. Sometimes it means honored, tested and tried.

Sometimes, it makes sense to do things the old-fashioned way.


Thanks for kicking things off, Margot!

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  1. We strive to have a family meal together everyday It's my favorite time of the day.
    I love it that we have a loving heavenly father who has sent us down to earth into families so we are never alone.
    I will be blogging today I will be back with a link.

  2. I'm blogging about the family on my blog today also. Thanks for the push and encouragement to share this special document with the many truths and principles that are there.

  3. Such a special lovely & inspired statement our church officals have composed...its so true.

  4. I clicked on your blog to read all the good posts today! I was super surprised to see that you added me. Thanks! And thanks again for sponsoring this great idea for the month~

  5. Thanks for adding the link! :) I have no problem with that.

  6. Time tested and old fashioned!! I like that! Society keeps trying to change things and it's wrong! Thanks for a great post.

  7. Okay, this is a fantastic way to start my day:) I hate that so many people will say, "that's SO old fashioned" with much disdain when they don't like an idea. I always think, "Um, what's so bad about old fashioned??" Why is old fashioned becoming a bad word? I like old things; I loooove old things. Especially when it comes to ideas like mom gets to take care of the kids and a husband and wife love each other even when they sometimes don't like each other. Old fashioned? Just call me Granny, then:)

  8. I really like #6 "Happiness is achieved when living in harmony with Jesus Christ's teachings." This is so true. When you live in harmony with His teachings happiness comes so naturally. If only more of my family and friends would follow Jesus then they wouldn't be so distraught all the time. Thanks for the post.

  9. I love all of it! I am so excited to read more from everyone!!!

  10. Sometimes it makes sense to do things the old fashioned way. I love that.

  11. Old fashioned is always in style. Especially when it is based on truth and eternal laws.

  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the family proclamation. This was inspired as we all know; but so appropriate for the era we are in.
    I have a large family of children and grandchildren and I refer frequently to the Family Proclamation in moments of discussion.
    You may want to check out a new family flag called the Title of Liberty taken after Captain
    Moroni's Title of LIberty.
    Also, if interested I have a blog called Living Waters you may want to check it out.
    I will enjoy following your blog.

  13. Old-fashioned is usually the best! I love all the truths in this wonderful document.

  14. Loved the final line of old isn't broken. Perfection in one sentence. Great post!

  15. For our monthly scripture study theme we will be studying the family proclamation and scriptures that go with it. I am so excited!

  16. Sometimes people rewrite things, call them by a different name, and label them as "new". You are exactly right. There is nothing wrong with plain old fashioned values.

  17. I like how she mentioned that "old" doesn't mean broken down, just tried and tested. There are so many "new" ideas of how families should be and how kids should be raised. Then the same people are upset that there is so much disrespect for other people, and that children are out of control. Let's go back to some of those "good'ol'days" and teach our children respect and love and be Christlike. The "good'ol'days" are called that for a reason, they were good.

  18. Margot was a perfect choice for a kickoff post. LOVE this.

  19. i'm so excited about your month on the family.

  20. "Sometimes, it makes sense to do things the old-fashioned way." ... SO TRUE.

    I love finding out the old fashioned ways of doing things. They are almost always cheeper, easier and better for you. Can't improve on that!

  21. Thank you. Beautiful post...

  22. We love the Damsel! This will be a fun month!

  23. Funny how these old principles seem so revolutionary in today's world.

  24. Isn't it crazy how it all goes back to the "Sunday School Answers" of life? The tried and true, through and through. The world would do good to remember that!

  25. :) This one was fun to read!