Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life Lessons Preschool: You Can Make Good Choices

--Life Lessons Preschool--  
Everything I want my children to know before they start school

Lesson 7

"Christ will help you avoid, fix & learn from mistakes."

I have always counted myself lucky to be the third child to come into my family.  I always observed the things that my siblings did and how they did them.  I also watched how my parents reacted to their choices.  I was able to glean wisdom from their experiences so that when it was my turn, I could make pretty good choices for my life.  I have always been thankful to my sisters for the example that they set.

In life, we don't always have a tour guide to show us the ropes.
At some point, our path becomes only our own to explore independent of parents, mentors, and even friends.

But Jesus Christ knows the path.  And he truly knows us.

I am hopeful that my children will avoid mistakes by observing outcomes from others' decisions and choosing more wisely.  But if they do err, I want them to know that Jesus Christ will help them to find a way out, to make a course correction.  

I want them to know that if they will choose to follow Christ from their early years, he will help them to avoid making major mistakes and lead them down a path of happiness.

--Busy Work--
Fun, Cheap, and Slightly Messy Educational Activities to Do At Home


My kids all love to sew.  Normally, I give them a blunt needle and some burlap like this.

I couldn't find my blunt needle today, so I have taped some yarn to a toothpick instead.

This is a nice quiet thoughtful activity.  All of my kids really get into this activity.
They will sit and sew away for a long time.
Sometimes, they'll come to me when they need help untangling their yarn, and sometimes they come to show me a creation that they are very proud of.

This activity seems to echo the sentiment of today's lesson:

You can learn from the mistakes of others.  You don't need to repeat them yourself.

Don't be too worried about making mistakes that you don't make anything at all.

Recognize when you have made a mistake and rely on the Lord to help you fix it.

Then continue confidently on your way.

(...always remembering that you "reap what you sow".)


  1. Hey where is that set of sewing cards I had for your kids? I will find it and mail it. I forgot all about it. Might not be as much fun as this but still fun.

    "spectacular work"

  2. great activity. the hope is there that your kids will learn from your mistakes as a parent and not have to repeat them but I've discovered they seem sometimes to learn only by repeating mistakes unfortunately....