Friday, August 20, 2010

Have We Met Before?

My Photo  This is my face.  Do I look like someone you know?  
Or could you just swear that you've met me, somewhere, before?  I cannot tell you how many times a perfect stranger has stopped me or greeted me thinking that they had met me previously.  It's uncanny.  Is it vain of me to even be writing this?  Ah, who cares!  Anyway, someone made a similar comment about the familiarity of my face on my blog just the other day, and it prompted me to write back, "Nope, it's just a pre-existence thing!"

I often think that the eternal nature of our spirits makes our memories get all jumbled up inside of us.  My husband thinks I'm crazy when I talk this way, I'm sure.  But I have theories.  I guess I'll just have to wait until this life is over to find out if my theories are correct, but until then, I'll just smile whenever someone "recognizes" me and think to myself, that's because we really did know each other...once upon a time...

Have a great weekend, everyone!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mi amigo, my partner in crime, my enabler, my better/saner half, MY HUSBAND!


  1. I like the pre-existence feeling a lot. You've made the perfect description: recognition. When we recognize someone is the same feeling we have when we get home. It's so comfortable.

  2. I think you look kind of like Michelle Pfieffer...

  3. I hear ya.. loud and clear. I get that often too... Someone will ask me, "have we met" and sometimes I think it too, about them..

    I also get that I look like someone else that somebody knows, like.. an uncanny resemblance to someone existing at this moment.. I have yet to meet this other "twin"..but, i wonder if she is out there?

    hmmm... strange.

  4. I have rarely ever had someone say that we must have met before. Apparently I have one of those orginal supposedly exotic faces. I think it's just because I have no eyelashes;)

    However-- I wholeheartedly believe and have had the feeling of knowing someone from before. Kindred spirits, no?

  5. I've had several friends that I've just clicked with and know we met in the pre-existence.

  6. You cutie! We must have been friends in the pre-mortal life.

    Love ya!


  8. Well happy birthday to your husband!! And you do look familiar :) lol!

  9. if you are crazy then craziness runs in the family. we are to make those connections with the people we cherished before coming here. Linda S. and I say we were from the same Heavenly Mother because we both have the same (freakily) characteristics and figure it must be HM.

    I used to freak out people by saying that altho i totally don't agree with the so called science of astrology, I gave thought to the idea that people born during the same time often have similar characteristics. Not as in fortune telling, or mating up....but seasons or stars or ether. But we are all apart of one amazing heavenly family. And there as here, so many oddities.

    Yessiree...craziness runs in our family.

  10. I totally agree. I honestly believe that you can connect with someone just because you seem to "remember" them from before.

    When my dh showed up on the doorstep for our blind date, I knew just by seeing him I was waiting for him. It wasn't love, just a deep knowledge that he was the one I needed. I have also had friends like see them, you know they are supposed to be your soul sister. You were waiting for them.

  11. I have thought that it is a Christ-like attribute that others see in me...Others being perfect strangers who don't know me AT ALL. On the streets, at a concert...where ever. They see the light of Christ...and it connects with their spirits....

    not being vain here either...

    It just occured to me one day after I had picked up a total stranger walking down the with 2 babies and pregnant with #3...not the safest of situations. But the day was exceptionally hot, I felt like this guy needed a lift to the gas station which was a mile away, up a very steep hill....

    this middle aged man totally thought he knew me from Somewhere..but didn't know where.

    If you have the light of Christ, it is bound to shine through.

  12. Good observation, Dawn! I think you are right...

  13. You're quite right about the pre-existence thing. I have never had loads of special friends, but those that I do have, I know that we "knew" each other before. When we met it was like we were just resuming a conversation that had started elsewhere. I met a sister in a place called Sasol here in South Africa. Her husband was out here on contract - they were both from the States, so there was no way I could have met her before, and yet we were instantly friends. So there is something to your theory.