Thursday, January 7, 2010

Your Potential: Limitless

I love popcorn.

So, I could not pass up this fun teaching moment.

Yesterday we learned that we came to earth to obtain a physical body.

Today we learned that we also came to earth in order to "gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize [our] divine destiny as an heir to eternal life."

If you had never seen popped corn before, you might never imagine that these small, hard kernels of corn could become white, fluffy popcorn.

My kids actually thought the corn kernel I showed them was a piece of wheat.

They guessed that it would turn into a loaf of bread!
(Of course, they figured it out once I pulled out the air-popper!)

I told them that their Father in Heaven wants them to grow up to become more like Him every day, and that He gives us experiences in life to help us do this.

Just like the small kernel of corn, it can sometimes be difficult to visualize what we will become in this life, especially when we are young. I can remember looking in a mirror when I was about ten years old trying to imagine what I'd look when I was finally "a woman"!!

I had the kids look in the mirror, and told them that although they might only see a little boy or a little girl, that whenever they look at themselves, they should remember that Heavenly Father wants them to grow up to be great Men & Women--a good Mother or a good Father--and that although they are small now, if they follow Him throughout their earthly experience, the Lord will help them to become the person He wants them to be.

Now that's "popping to your fullest potential"!

The graphic for the popcorn bag can be found on Sugardoodle.

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  1. we are still talking about the proclamation on the family...and interestingly enough, today at meijer, i had the opportunity to discuss some of it with the cashier at meijer!