Friday, January 29, 2010

Disintegration of the Family Brings Calamities

"Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets."

A Calamity is defined as a great misfortune, disaster, grievous affliction, or misery.

We can avoid experiencing this misery
by heeding the simple truths found in

The Wacky Feet that we made together today,
and the way that my kids stomped around in them like Godzilla,
really brought home the idea of "calamities" for me.

And I think that my children understood it too.
Being careless about our family relationships is destructive.

But for the sake of play,
our Wacky Feet were a total blast!

Here's how you can make some with your own family:

Draw some fun wacky feet on a flat piece of cardboard.

We made "ghost feet", duck flippers, and clown shoes.

Cut out your shape.
Then trace and cut a second foot to match.
Then cut out two, two-inch wide straps.


When the wacky feet have dried completely,
have your child stand with feet in position.
Mark the cardboard close to the sides of each foot,
where you will cut slits for the straps.

Cut slits.

Insert strips.

Be sure that the strap is positioned correctly to fit the child's foot snuggly.
Trim and fold the straps flat in the back.
Secure with hot glue.

And you're in business.

We all really enjoyed playing with our Wacky Feet,
but it was very difficult to get pictures of the kids,
because once they had their wacky feet on
they were off and running!


  1. Very Cute!! You won at our giveaway! Please email us by Saturday the 30th at to get your prize or we will have to give it to someone else:( Thanks!


  2. fun the moving blurred photo of the kids enjoying their wacky feet.

  3. poor miss autumn didn't get a pair? what did she get to clop around in....hahahaha...that would have been calamitous had she had a pair. Great subliminal, of sort, ad for PC, too. thankx