Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fathers: Preside, Provide & Protect

"By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families."

I couldn't be very good at my job as a mother,
if my husband wasn't such an incredible father.

No doubt this is a testament to how he was raised by his own parents,
his dedication to the gospel of Christ,
the way that he honors his duties in the Priesthood,
and his love for us.

Each father is different.
Each family is unique.

But any father who does his best
to preside, provide for, and protect his family,
will be well on his way to becoming the father he was meant to be.

After describing a mother's responsibility in the family (to nurture),
The Proclamation goes on to describe mothers and fathers
as "equal partners"....equal partners.

When we work together, as equal partners,
family life is very sweet,
and both Mom and Dad feel fulfilled, needed,
and appreciated for the special talents
that they each bring to the family.

Today's project is "not your father's paper weight"
--turned "art installation".

I saw the idea on this site.

But I bought upper instead of lower case letters,
so it was harder to make my photos fit.

It's probably easy to see what I did.
Print off some favorite photos of Dad.
Glue them to the back of your letters creating a framing effect.
If you buy craft letters, instead of the wooden ones that I used,
they should stand on their own.
I glued mine to a stand to keep them upright.

I considered gluing today's quote on the back for Daddy to read, but at the last minute I used the children's artwork for the back instead.

I'm sure when you do it, you'll have a much better-thought-out plan!

You could add your own personalization and creativity,
and this would be a neat Father's Day gift.


  1. love it...I use letters throughout my home. In my laundry room, I have ORDER, in computer room GENEALOGY, guest room has FAMILY, and bedroom has HARMONY. Great reminder when you see them. Also by bedside stands-mine FAITH, hubby's DREAM.

  2. I recently told a nonmember friend of mine that's nervous about being a mom for the firstime..."if you've got a good man in your life, you're going to be OK...it is everything..." It IS everything, isn't it?? Great post.

    I got your iron ons yesterday! So excited to put them on shirts for our Valentines Candelight Dinner that we have every year. The kids will love them! Thank you!

  3. Above my tv there's one word in wood painted in black that says...PEACE. I love and live in peace. That to me is having the Lord's harmony in my home...It all about PEACE!